cell phone repair

Due to the popularity of iPhones features, the customers with low budget often prefer the secondhand units for their use. It is because they are

·   Faster than that of Androids,

·   Have better software and hardware integration.

·   Despite other handy Androids phones, it is easy to use and handle

·   iPhone developers also update OS to the latest version randomly.

Androids and iOS may have a lot of apps but the developers prefer to launch their app on iPhones. iPhones are free from bloatware, to minimize the taking space. One can also use a MacBook freely and handsomely. Some apps are only reliable using iPhones like Apple-Pay and other apps not only by yourself but with family. Most importantly the security features, the iPhones are far more secure than using Androids.

If you are ready to step out for buying your second-hand iPhone and want to buy a good model that must be budget-friendly you should keep few things in mind that will avoid you from scams and get scammed:

The credibility of the seller:

First, one should buy it from a reputable seller that should be vendors with quality used merchandise to avoid any flaws. Keep in contact with the seller for future assistance in case of any problem. Be aware of stolen products as it is common practice to sell them.

Inspect Carefully:

Secondly, look and inspect thoroughly any sign of damage before purchasing. Especially in auctions where they have provided little information about the device condition.

Take Aid from the Self-diagnostic App

Thirdly one should inspect the iPhone with the help of a self-diagnostic app to ensure functions, available at any reputable source. There are almost 25 apps currently available to phone owners including TestM and LetsVerify.


Fourth and the last you should avail of cell phone repair service if there is any need before purchasing. After inspecting through self-diagnostic service sometimes repair may need to ensure the proper functioning of your gadget. It is best to have a repair before buying. Otherwise, you may obtain a discount on your iPhone in terms of repair services.

For selling your old model phone and to ensure the solid value helping in finance replacement to purchase new model some precaution should be under-consideration

Buy-back Service:

First, you should sell it to a buy-back service, but it may be risky. It mostly helps in saving time and effort compared to selling by yourself in the market or through e-services.

Ignore Middle Man:

Cut out the middleman if you want to save time and money and exchange your device with the new one. They can be big-box retailers or manufacturers.

Sell it by yourself:

Thirdly you should sell it by yourself in the market, through e-service or sell it to your known one, either friend, family or in the community to earn the most profit. You can sell it through craigslist but it is a risky option as the customer may be easy to find but they may not show up.

It is good to get cash but bad if you are not aware of risks as buyers will pay cold and hard cash for iOS and Androids. To sell your phone make sure you sell in a public place as many police departments offer their parking lots as transaction sites for safety. Other services included Facebook marketplaces and e-Buy.

Buy, before it loses its value

You should sell your old phones as soon as possible as they lose value day by day. According to the report 30% value fall was estimated within 24 hours.

Make it ready before the sale:

Prepare your phone before selling it to a third party or company. You should

·   Backup your data including contacts, photos, videos, and other apps.

·   Turn off all security features like the Find My app before selling to avoid reset of your device.

·   Thirdly sign off and wipe out all of your apps, data, and contacts.

·   Reset your device.

·   Remove Sim cards and memory cards.

How to find places to sell your mobile?

You can sell your devices in a few minutes. To avoid negotiation and bargaining you can sell it to the trade-in companies like Apple or Amazon to get cold cash. They can pay you via gift cards or pay orders. You can also sell the devices in various cell phone repair shops.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.