A wheelie ride is one of the stunts to show off your dirt bike riding experience as a pro. The experience does not only make you look cool on your bike. You can use the trick to avoid hurdles as you do your biking on the rough ground. A wheelie pro masters bike balancing and can avoid toppling when it gets off the trail.

For you to control balance and throttle on your dirt bike, you need to start learning to wheelie. In this post, you will learn to become a wheelie and perfect your experience. Wheelie motorcyclists are amazing experts in dirt biking adventures. Read on to learn how to do the exercise in perfection.

Preparing for the Exercise

The preliminaries you need before you begin to do wheelie stunts is that you have to master racing a crf450l. You can start practicing the trick when you know how to balance your bike at extremely slow and high speeds. Confidence is necessary because a little panic and you will fall off your bike.

You might have tried the trick on a mountain bike, but the case is different with dirt bikes. Doing a wheelie might be the first trick to learn on your Husqvarna, but it will open an avenue for many more biking skills you may need for your sporting or entertainment activities.

Therefore, preparation goes a long way to ensure that when you begin to wheelie, you dop it perfectly to your satisfaction. Mental preparation is only a step, and you want to be ready in every aspect. For instance, you must have all the necessary motorcycling accessories and gear, because the journey proves more difficult than ordinary racing activities.

Choose a Training Ground

When beginning your wheelie training, you are sure to miss it a few times, and you do not want to cause accidents. Therefore, a highway is a no-go zone for wheelie practicing. You want an open field with soft ground – like beach sand or grass. In case you fall over when training, neither you nor your Suzuki sv650 will suffer from the impact

Steps Involved in a Wheelie Adventure

I guess that you are aware that the skill will be a self-learning process. You have to guard yourself and your bike when starting to do a wheelie on your dirt bike. Follow these steps for a successful adventure and experience in your wheelie training.

1. Choose the Right Gear

Starting to wheelie requires stability on the bike. You would want to pick a gear that will keep your dirt bike going steady but a little slower than your optimal biking speed. Going a little too fast can cause you to topple when raising to wheelie.

A slow speed may also be a bad idea. But it would depend on the ground surface you are using. For convenience, you can pick a speed that is about 1/3 of your normal biking speed. If you are unsure, make sure that you speed fast enough to keep the bike going without wobbling.

2. Position Your Legs

Here comes a challenge. Many people use their bikes while stepping on the balls of their feet. This riding position is only good when doing normal biking. during a normal ride, you have enough balance to move your leg and brake the bike. But a wheelie is different. You would want to step on the pegs using the middle of the feet for faster action when you want to brake.

At this stage, you should also stand up on your bike, but bend your knees a bit. You are going to use your knees to balance your body weight. That is why you do not keep the legs straight. The position also helps you to balance and handle the bike better.

3. Adjust Your Body Position

It is now time to balance on your crf250l and try to cause it to wheelie. After positioning your legs and standing on the bike, you will need to bring up the bike by raising the front wheel. But do not try to jerk it up.

To balance on your bike ready for the wheelie position, lean back and push the legs forward. This position will help you to balance on the dirt bike. Open your elbows and lean your head forward a little to align your COG to the rear wheel of your dirt bike to maintain balance.

4. Get the Bike Up and Going

To get that front wheel to raise from the ground, reduce the gas a little to let the bike gain a suspension momentum then accelerate. When the front leg lifts, you need to maintain the balance on the bike and adjust the speed of the bike to achieve a smooth ride. When necessary, you can change the gear to meet your speed requirements for the wheelie balance.

Things to Do When Doing a Wheelie

To ensure that you are safe during your wheelie practice, follow these simple tips. They are simple reminders to paraphrase the content.

1. Use your body position and the throttle to lift your bike’s front leg – avoid pulling the handles with your hands.

2. Balance your body right above the rear wheel. Leaning far back will cause you to fall off the bike.

3. Remember to start with a moderate or low speed. Going too fast when practicing can cause you to lose control.

4. Remember your protective gear – the boots, helmet, gloves, knee pads, etc. Your beginner wheelie experience is not going to be smooth.

5. Keep practicing. You may not get it right the first time. But you should not give up.

What Next after Wheelie?

I know it will take you a few days of consistent practice to become an expert. But after that, you are going to find it fun and essential to use wheelie skills on your dirt biking adventures. But what else can a wheelie expert do with their dirt bike? Perhaps you should try new tricks.

Here are a few more stunts you should consider after learning to wheelie.

1. Fender kiss.

2. Shaolin backflip.

3. Indian air seat grab backflip.

In Summary

There are many tricks you can do with your dirt bike. As a beginner, you need to learn the basic stunts like doing a wheelie before you start jumping and flipping your bike. Each step you make helps you to build confidence in your achievement. Remember to stay safe at all stages with your dirt bike.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.