Marketing Plan for Startups

Are you ready to take the next leap forward? Are you ready not to play it safe anymore? Are you still pondering on how to go for the best marketing options for your start-up? 

It is high time that you boost up your action spirit and stop setting goals and failing in executing them! Get to know some of the killer tips from micro to macro-the giants who have come up with their own start-ups in the most promising manner. 

And what more? The world is yours to conquer:

Strategy 1: Set achievable goals and prioritize branding plans 

If you are wondering how to create a marketing plan for your start-up then you need to set up achievable goals first. Know your brand, know the market that it wants to take in its grip, know the features and the type of audience demands and set wants, and then go for it. 

You need to tell people who you are, what does your brand do and what the umpteenth number of ways are, by which you can help your customers. Branding, designing a suitable, exciting and interesting logo and then telling the customers what the brand aims at- these three are segments of the introductory marketing plan for start-ups. 

Be not weary, but beware, the more you highlight in an intelligent manner, the better branding opportunity you get for your product. It hardly matters if you deal with a shampoo brand or dabble in the fine art of selling stories through audiobooks, the best start-up deals can only be achievable when you have the right acumen for making the brand stand out from the rest. 

Strategy 2: Defining your target audience

If you have been thinking about how to create a marketing plan for your small business set-up, then you first need to grow your audience on a larger scale. You need to check out the following questions, do market surveys, take questionnaires to them to ask WHAT is it that they want? HOW do they want it? 

  • Check out the needs/ wants/ requirements and urgencies of prospective customers. For instance, if you suddenly launch an academic app, the first target audience will of course, be the students. Schools, colleges and universities can be the target areas where you can conduct your survey. This will be an effective marketing plan for start-ups.
  • Check what you offer to your potential customers, and what makes you unique in the market. What is it that your company is giving whereas others are not? How is it that your brand is better than the others and how can it cater to a specific or a large number of customers? 
  • In addition, you also need to check the diverse, changing needs of clients everyday. The needs and up-to-date requirements keep on changing so the demands and the outcomes should have parity. Sometimes, there are ravishing brands that start with a bang, but in the absence of the right marketing track, they fall flat and experience huge loss. 
  • If there are competitors in the market, then while you choose your customers, you should be ready with the fact why they should choose you over other competitors. Moreover, as part of how to create a marketing plan, you also need to have a composite idea about B2B business (are you catering B2B solutions in the country or abroad?), and B2C, (do you have a specific targeted or preferred audience, and do you know their demographics and interests?)

Strategy 3: How do you find your place in the local or global market? 

If you are wondering how to create a marketing plan and getting your place in the market, then it is high time you first channelize the concepts of a market. Sometimes it happens that the range of the product is too limited and so you do not get enough audience and market for it. 

It is important to notice and analyze the tiers and categories that are existing in the market domain, and you can start from the localized to the nationalized and then to the global chain. The right idea is to bring your product to maximum viewers and customers. For that, you need to do some put-of-the-box thinking and rationalize these ideas into concrete forms. You can also attract more customers to your business through social media design.

Strategy 4: Knowing your budget and making an expenditure accordingly 

You must be aware of a certain thing, that there is no fixed marketing plan for start-ups always. Sometimes you might be having a shoestring budget on which you have to work, and many times, even after investing a wholesome amount, the project fails. 

You need to calculate your investment based on the updated market research, attend trade shows and exhibitions, channelize your selling skills, build contact, give away an initial range of stickers and feedbacks in surveys as those who want to attach more importance to your product. The budget can be planned accordingly, and you can reap your maximum benefits when you have a planned budget for each and every segment of the startup.

Strategy 5: You can get featured in a famous magazine or a publication  

This is a very popular marketing plan for start-ups that have a large number of people. You can get featured in one of the most notable publications like an entrepreneurship magazine, or a magazine that talks about the current trends and features in business. The whole idea is to put the popularity of your brand on top, to make people know more about the start-up that you have opened. 

Strategy 6: Online/ Digital methods for marketing 

If you are still wondering that in this jet-set age, how to create a marketing plan for you as an aspiring entrepreneur, then digital marketing platforms are yet another way to project your brand and to extract vitality from the growing market. More online traffic means more visitors which is equal to the generation of more revenues for your brand. You can build content that is specific to a section of the community or to people at large, but the basic idea is how you channelize them by using tags, keywords, wordpress, Magento, shopify search engine optimization, hosting and sharing videos and using the best benefits from social media channels. You can set up major online talk sessions also, by hiring people from the industries who cater a lot to the cause of the start-ups. 

Thinking about how to create a marketing plan or experimenting with a marketing plan for start-ups will never go in vain if you have the perfect acumen to hold consumer’s attention for a long time. The marketing procedure should also entail, that customers start trusting in your brand. Your work gets doubled when you want to retain that simple trust. So, go ahead, and reach for the sky!!!!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.