How to create an app like voyager?


Decentralized finances are the next big thing in the financial world. Voyager is one of these projects, it described as a decentralized blockchain-based broker that allows you to connect with different exchanges. To create apps like voyager you have to be little creative and innovative. Voyager is making the investment in cryptocurrency easy and you can easily invest in cryptocurrencies. 

According to statistical data, the bitcoin market reached USD1 trillion in february 2021. You have to have a team of talented and experienced individuals in order to create a wonderful app that makes cryptocurrency investing easy. India is the top country that invests in cryptocurrency. 

You have to use this opportunity and invest in a technical application and earn good return on your investment. To create an app like voyager you need to have a team of experienced team. Let’s have a look at the definition of voyager.

What is Voyager?

It is a broker mobile application that enables you to buy, sell, invest and swap in cryptocurrencies. The voyager application is available for iOS and Android operating system, that is why this software represents a prominent project. Build an app like voyager crypto in order to have a good investment of your funds. 

Moreover, it enables traders and investors to make the best out of the trades, Voyager connects its users to different cryptocurrency exchanges and markets. 

How does an app like Voyager work? 

Voyager can easily connect users to some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges via its own smart order routing, which acts as a side-chain that connects the app supported exchange so that users can find the best rates around the numerous exchanges platforms. 

Voyager is only available for the mobiel use whereas you can create a system that works on PC, Windows, Android, and multiple other platforms. Crypto voyager app helps users to invers easily in the cryptocurrency world. 

Its working is very simple. Whenever a trader creates an order to sell or buy cryptocurrency, Voyager smart order routing connects the user to one of the 12 supported cryptocurrency exchanges. 

You can have a look at the complete guide to cryptocurrency game development company for better understanding. Let’s have a look at the features of an app like voyager. 

Features of a cryptocurrency app like Voyager

A crypto app like voyager is unique in itself due to its features and the availability that it offers to the users. These features make apps like these easily accessible to the users and you can easily use them at any time. To create an app like voyager you have to be a little innovative and use the market trends. 

Some of the features of a crypto app are.


It is a feature that builds the users confidence towards the app and helps the user to easily trust the application. While registering you provide your basic information to the application. 

Personal profile:

You also get a personal profile where your history and other activities are saved for the future references. These features make an app like Voyager to be at the top and helps it be easily accessible to the users. 

QR-code Scanner:

A QR code helps you to easily access the app and prove its genuinity to the users. 

Trading and exchange features:

These exchange platforms have multiple features that makes them special and unique from other types of cryptocurrency applications. Exchanges are made easy with the help of these features. 

Push notification:

With this feature you can easily focus on your tasks instead of being distracted due to the multiple notifications on the screen. 

These are some of the features that you can enjoy with a crypto app like voyager. Let’s have a look at the various main stages of crypto app development. 

Stages involved in the development of crypto apps like voyager.

Here are some of the stages that you need to follow in order to develop an app like voyager. 

Use bitcoin libraries for iOs and Android:

Since most of the cryptocurrencies are open source, you can use the available libraries and integrate them with your application to make it more effective. 

Synchronize the crypto wallet into the blockchain using various APIs:

By the use of distributed ledger API you will sync your crypto wallet with the help of the blockchain ecosystem. 

Integrate bitcoin into your payment options:

If you want to provide a great user experience to your users. You need to use the ability to use bitcoin to make the payments and work on your website. 

These are some of the steps that you can use to develop an app like voyager. Here the example of bitcoin is used for the cryptocurrency. You have to be very creative and innovative in order to earn a good amount of money with a crypto app like voyager. Let’s have a look on to the final thoughts. 

In the End

To create an app like voyager you need to understand the market trends and statistics. Moreover, you also need to have a good understanding of the app development and using various tools to maintain the performance of the application. BR Softech helps companies with the crypto exchange development company with their professional and experienced developers.