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The deck is where the family and family get together happen, where you spend time with your kids and pets, deck is where you make memories. Those memories should be filled with the colors you like, right? You have two choices, you can go with popular colours taking in consideration your overall color theme of your home; second option is you can go with a new unique color that you love, with consideration of the overall color theme of your home.

To help you with the decision, here are some parameters that you can decide by asking yourself:

What Colour is Your Home?

If your home and deck are close and adjoined in a way, you would want to make sure that the deck doesn’t stand out in a negative way. You should go for a color/shade that goes with your home’s overall aesthetic theme.

How exactly is your Deck located?

If your deck can be accessed from indoors and has a sort of enclosed setting then you can go with light colours.

However, if the deck is set relatively outdoors, you should go with darker colors and shades. When the deck is outdoors, it tends to be utilised for gatherings and such, the deck may get frequent exposure to mud and dirt. In addition if your house is in a region where you face bad weather conditions often, your deck will face some extent of wear and tear as well.

What Type of Landscape Do You Have?

If your deck is close or adjoined with your home, then you can go with your home’s overall color theme.

Although, if your deck is relatively far or facing away from your home, then you have the option of considering the landscape. Whether you have a swimming pool filled with blue water or a green lawn or a colourful garden filled with flowers, you can find an opinion for your deck’s color.

If the landscape is dominantly green, you can go with wooden brown shades as the green and brown complement each other. For another example, if your deck is facing the sea shore, you can go with various shades of grey or even light blue. You can also take in consideration paths, plants and other landscape features of your home.

Some of the Popular Deck Colours

The Dark Brown or the Chocolate Brown:

These shades of brown easily hides foot prints etc. and also compliments the surrounding landscape that might have greenery and plants and lawn etc. Black is one the popular options, especially if your home is located in a region where it snows a lot.


A tan deck has shades that are not dark but not too light or beige either, they are somewhere in between.


Grey decks are trendy because they give a modern aesthetic look to your house’s exteriors. Grey decks are versatile because of so many shades that are available.

Dark Blue:

Dark blue decks look perfect at ocean side homes, as it complements the blues and creams of the ocean and sand.

When choosing your deck color, you should make sure that there are no damages, if there are, you should employ decking services and have them fixed first and then go onto the painting of the deck.

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