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A headboard is a furniture piece that is placed at the top of the bed. It can be simple, rustic, elegant and stylish, or even soft and cosy. But most people are confused about the correct purpose of a headboard.

To make your room look perfect, you can buy a white diamond headboard with unique features.

So are you looking to buy a headboard for your bed? There are headboards for sale in South Africa where you can find the headboards as per your requirements for your bed.

Headboards can add a much-needed flair to your bedroom. Selecting the appropriate headboard for your bed can be a challenge. A headboard is the first thing making a good impression that you will notice when you walk into a bedroom.

It can be hard to know which headboards look perfect for your bed with many styles and materials to choose from.

To pick the right headboard for your bed, you must consider the following steps.

  • Determine the size and height of the headboard for your bed.
  • Next, choose the colour of the headboard.
  • Find out the ideal material and fabric.
  • Narrow down your headboard design.

Steps for buying the right headboard for your bed

1)   Choose a Headboard with the Right Size and Height for Your Bed

You should remember that the headboard will sit above the mattress. A standard headboard can be up to four inches wider than the mattress and bed frame, and the height ranges from fourteen inches above the mattress to sixty inches.

You can choose a height according to your style or needs as there is no general rule for selecting the height of the headboard. However, you have to keep in mind the size of your room and the height of the roof.

  • Common Headboard Sizes

There are many kinds of headboards, but generally, they come in one of seven sizes.

  • Shorty bed headboard: Six inches wide and three to nine inches tall
  • Twin bed headboard: Thirty-eight inches wide and seventy-five inches tall
  • Double bed headboard: Fifty-four inches wide and height up to seventy-five inches
  • Queen bed headboard: Sixty inches wide and height up to eighty inches
  • Extended queen bed headboard: Sixty-six inches wide and up to eighty inches tall
  • King size bed headboard: Seventy-six inches in width and up to eighty inches in height
  • Super-king bed headboard: Eighty inches wide by up to ninety-six inches tall

2)   Choose the Color for your Headboard

The colour of the headboard should complement your room design, whether through contrast or by matching your colour scheme. Different materials come in variable colours.

  • Wood

Wood headboards usually come in natural colours. If you want a dark theme and natural colours, then wooden headboards are made for you. If you’re going to paint yourself, then wood is an excellent material. You can make sure that you buy an unfinished headboard.

  • Metal

Metal headboards provide a metallic touch. If you require more lighting around your bed, then a metal headboard is a better choice.

  • Fibre

If you want comfort and functionality, you can choose the leather, fibre, and upholstered headboards. They also come in various colours.

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3)   Choose the Headboard Material & Fabric

Whatever look you are going for, headboard material matters a lot. We list down the most common materials and their advantages.

  • Wood Headboard

Wood can be both traditional and luxurious. Wooden headboards have built-in shelves for extra functionality. If you are in to do it yourself, wood is also an excellent medium to paint or add design elements.

  • Headboards made of Metal

Metallic headboards come with a wide variety and craftwork. You can find them in aluminium, iron, steel, brass, and copper. Metal headboards are also durable and inexpensive. Moreover, a tall headboard will give you a feeling of a more vacant area in the room.

  • Headboards made of Natural Fibers

These headboards also come with lots of variety, such as abaca, wicker, seagrass, and other organic material used in this type of headboard. In addition, fibre headboards give a comfy, country feeling to the room.

  • Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards add a touch of elegance, charm, and luxury. They are also great for resting your back against. Standard fabrics include leather, linen, and velvet in the manufacturing process.

4)   Choose the Headboard Design

All headboards are unique. You can select a design based on your taste. The style and colour of your room, the height of the ceiling, and the size of your bed can make your headboard look elegant or awkward. It is therefore vital to select a headboard that fits the rest of the space.


Get an overview of the overall process of selecting the right headboard for your bed furniture. You can also buy a white diamond headboard by undergoing the step by step process. In addition, you can get to know the sizes of different types of headboards that fit your bed type.

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