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How to Design and Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

How to Design and Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

You may have trouble sleeping when you’re going through a hard time. 

Life’s circumstances, whether good or bad, affect your sleep patterns. For example, it’s hard to stay calm when you’re experiencing anxiety from our world’s current events. 

But, did you ever stop to think your lack of sleep may also be due to your bedroom design? Your apartment bedroom has everything to do with how well you sleep at night. 

That’s why you should have the goal of having a peaceful and relaxing bedroom. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to set up a space that’s conducive to sleep. These tips will make a huge difference when it’s time to get some shuteye! 

Here are seven ways to design your bedroom for better sleep:

1. Have a High-Quality Mattress 

If you haven’t replaced your mattress in a while, you should think about doing that. 

Having an inexpensive or old mattress can make it challenging to get a good night’s rest.

When getting a new bed, there are many factors to keep in mind. For one, you should find a mattress that has the perfect balance of support and comfort. 

The mattress should relieve pressure points. And, it should sustain proper spinal alignment as you snooze. 

The size of your bed also plays a part in your sleep quality. Make sure it’s big enough so you can move easily throughout the night. 

Whatever mattress you decide on, get one that will go best with your sleeping style. If you have a supportive and comfy bed, you’ll be on your way to sweet dreams in no time! 

2. Use Room Darkening Shades 

Room darkening shades can do wonders for your quality of sleep.

Shutting out all the light tells your body it’s time to rest. 

Side note: That means you should put your phone down before darkening the room! 

Get a window treatment that blocks out brightness at night. But, make sure it doesn’t hide the light during the day. If you’re spending time in your room, you’ll need some vitamin D! 

But, to create a dark bedroom, try Roman shades with a black lining. Roman shades are ideal because they give you the option of having light in your room after you wake. 

With the help of dark shades, the darkness will signify to your brain that it’s time to get some shuteye. So, work on adding some room darkening shades asap!

3. Choose Calming Colors 

Select the right calming color schemes for your bedroom. It’ll result in you getting quality zzz’s!

Cool colors such as green, lavender, blue, and gray are perfect. These “cooling” colors lower blood pressure, which means it’s easier for you to sleep!

A 2013 survey revealed something essential about sleep. According to the study, people who slept in a blue bedroom got an average of eight hours of rest each night. 

The Sleep Moments Sleep Habit survey shows the impact of sleep on mental health conditions, and hence it is important to set the sleep conditions. The survey also showed that other colors improved people’s sleep. These colors were light yellow, silver, and moss green. It’s safe to say that today these colors are still very soothing! 

So, as you decorate your bedroom, keep these color shades in mind. Incorporate colors like this so you can unwind and relax before bedtime. 

4. Reduce Noise with Upholstered Furniture

Are you a light sleeper? Even if you aren’t, it’s a good idea to cut out as much noise as possible. 

Upholstered furniture is one way to dampen the sound. An upholstered bed and chair can help absorb noise and keep your bedroom quieter. 

Fabrics such as microfiber, corduroy, and suede are all ideal for sound absorption. 

It will amaze you how much an upholstered piece of furniture can improve your sleep at night! 

5. Keep the Clutter Out

So that you get a good night’s rest, keep the clutter away. Getting ready for bed and then seeing a mess in your bedroom can cause anxiety. 

But there’s a simple solution. Keep things organized, and you’ll be able to relax more before hitting the hay. 

After organizing your bedroom, try to keep it tidy and neat. Stay away from putting knickknacks in your bedroom and adding too many books. 

Applying simple decluttering techniques can vastly improve your bedroom and your sleep!

6. Select All-Cotton Bedding 

There’s another way to doze off better at night, and it all has to do with your bedding! It turns out that having proper bedding can help you get a better night’s rest.

Select cotton sheets because they have better breathability. And, they also improve airflow so you won’t wake up drenched in sweat.

But, when you pick out cotton sheets, stick with a thread count between 280 and 450. The reason why the thread count shouldn’t be over 450 is that sheets can trap body heat. 

Find a few cotton sets of sheets that feel soft and comfy. Do this, and you’ll be eager to go to bed — and sleep like a baby — every night! 

7. Surround Yourself with Scents

When designing your bedroom, another factor to keep in mind is how it smells.

It’s a bad sign if it smells stuffy, especially when it’s time to go to bed. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to bring in calming scents. 

Get some sweet-smelling flowers or diffuse lavender oil to help you relax and calm down. A few other scents that help people unwind are cedar, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. 

Lighting an aromatic candle each night can also make your room smell and feel pleasant. And, it can improve the ambiance of your bedroom as well! 

In Conclusion

If you’re having trouble getting a pleasant night’s rest, these tips should help. 

Darkened shades will keep the light out, and soft, breathable sheets will help you nestle in for the night. And as you learned, that’s only a few ways to improve your beauty sleep! 

So, the next time you’re having trouble falling asleep, apply one or more of these seven techniques. 

It’ll melt the stress away and help you not to have a care in the world. (Although, it’s best not to snooze through an alarm and be late to an event!) 

Designing and organizing your bedroom for better sleep is possible

Author Bio:

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over ten years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Cottages at Tucson every day to help them with their marketing efforts.

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