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Building websites and applications for the web or for an intranet is called web development. A website’s development has nothing to do with its design. Rather, it all web developers have built almost all the tools we use on a daily basis via the internet, from simple static pages to social media apps, to ecommerce websites and content management systems has to do with the code and programming that power the website’s functionality.

In order to build a website, three layers must be present: client-side code (front end), server-side code (back end) and database technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of web developers to grow by 15% by 2026, making it the eighth best job in tech. The high wages and intellectual stimulation of web development make it a pretty safe career choice.


There’s also no doubt that this is a highly enticing career choice; 88% of web developers are happy in their jobs. If you’re interested in a career in web development but don’t know how to get started, this is for you.

·  How Do You Become A Web Developer?

The best thing about a career in web developing is that you don’t need to be a whiz at technology or possess an endless list of formal credentials. Just as long as you’re driven and eager to learn, you’re well on your way to becoming a web developer.

Our very own Sam, our very own Head of Web Development here at Career Foundry, was a music professional before switching to web development. With no previous experience, he jumped in head-first with zero knowledge or preparation and is now working in the industry.

Forging a successful career in web development isn’t easy. Learning the skills is a process that takes time and dedication, and at times your mind will hurt. But the point is that there are no clear, mandated areas of specialization. Anyone can get into it.

·  How Do you Know If A Career In Web Development Is Right For Me

Those who are interested in creating custom web applications and developing them often find themselves drawn to web development because of their talent for problem-solving and a drive to get things done. If you enjoy puzzles, riddles, or logical tests, you’ll likely thrive at programming.

A second sign is patience and perseverance. You’ll be dealing with a lot of broken things and finding ways to fix them. Some people will find this a source of motivation, while others will find it a source of frustration that actually dissuades them from enjoying their work.” If you identify with the first group, you might excel at web development.

In addition to web development skills, you will also need excellent communication skills, especially if you work in-house. Additionally, it is essential that you have analytical abilities and can create solutions that benefit both the user and the business.

·  The Key Skills That I’ll Need To Learn To Become A Web Developer

A web developer needs to master the following skills before he or she can call themselves a web developer.

Languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

HTML is the language you will use when creating websites and apps; you’ll describe the structure of a page using it. CSS is the language you’ll use when modifying the code for the website.

Libraries and Frameworks: Bootstrap and jQuery

After you’ve learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can start exploring libraries and frameworks, which were created to make working with those languages easier. Bootstrap and jQuery are the most popular libraries and frameworks, so knowing them will give you a major advantage.

Git and GitHub

GitHub is a platform for hosting your Git repository, enabling teamwork and collaboration. Git is a version control system that lets you track all of the changes made to your code.

·  Do I Need A Certification Or any Qualification

The thought of having to re-start your degree can be terribly off-putting for people thinking about a career change into web development. Especially if you have been in the workforce for some time, going back to school from scratch can be really daunting.

You don’t need any special qualifications, degrees or certifications to enter the world of web development. Simply demonstrate that you’ve mastered the practical skills needed. You can build a rewarding career in web development even if you’re just a beginner: call one of our Career Advisors to discuss how the program will get you hired as a professional, guaranteed.

·   Design Software Sketch and Photoshop is optional

While it is not necessary to be familiar with software such as Photoshop and Sketch in order to work in web development, having familiarity with them will certainly benefit you if you want to become an independent designer.

Obviously, this is just a tiny taste of what web developers do on a daily basis. However, it’s crucial to start small and learn the basics before you move on to more complex subjects

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.