The massive deployment of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other top technologies has made the healthcare and fitness industry undergo a major transformation. As per the reports by a renowned company Reports and Data, the global fitness app market is expected to generate revenue of $14.64 billion by 2027. 

Both these technologies work with an enormous amount of data, available at various web sources, and process it to provide actionable insights. Apart from this, it also helps in automating various tasks that would otherwise require huge efforts without even guaranteeing precision in the outcome. Let’s have a look over the other applications of machine learning in the health and fitness industry:

ML in Home-Workout Apps

Machine learning learns from the experiences and examples; the technology doesn’t need any explicit programming. ML can be integrated into home workout apps to assist users to design personalized workout plans based on the entered body measurements and other required information. Using its features such as movement recognition and image recognition, the technology can also help users to do exercises in the right posture. 

ML in Medical Imaging 

Machine learning together with deep learning can help in computer imaging to provide accurate visuals of the interior of the body. Besides this, ML can also facilitate the development of high-level medicines and diagnosing various diseases at the initial stage. 

ML in Drug Discovery

The technology can be used to get medical data, such as how a particular drug has worked on patients with different health problems. ML can also be used during the initial stages of drug discovery. Even Microsoft’s project Hanover is leveraging ML-based technologies for treating cancer patients. 

ML in Data Recording

Machine learning can aid document classification by utilizing ML-based OCR recognition techniques and vector machines. Cloud Vision API by Google and MATLAB are sheer proof of the same. 

ML in Health and Fitness Support Services

Offering support services is mandatory in all types of applications, including health & fitness, to deliver excellent customer experience. ML together with AI can be used for automating support services and minimizing the dependency on the human beings for the same. ML and AI-based chatbots can offer the initial support and based on the conversation can redirect the query to the experts.

ML in Diagnosing Diseases

Machine learning works on data; if a user enters their symptoms in the app, the technology can diagnose the health problem they are facing. In other words, ML can help pathologists to accurately diagnose diseases based on the lab analysis of collected blood or urine samples. 

How to Develop An ML-based Health and Fitness Application?

To develop the same, contact an ML or AI solution company with prior experience of developing such projects. Apart from developing a new application, you can also integrate the technology into your existing healthcare or how to make a successful fitness app. Make sure you choose a trusted ML app developer or ML app development company for your fitness app development project. 

What is the Cost of Developing an ML-based Health or Fitness App?

The answer to this question depends on the platform on which you want to release the app, type of healthcare or fitness application, the time needed to create the app, features and complexity of the app, other technologies required for the development, and a few other factors. To know an estimated price, write down your particular ML fitness app requirements and share it with the mobile app development company

Top Health and Fitness Apps That Use Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

AI & ML in fitness and healthcare 

  1. Tonal
  2. JaxJox
  3. Tempo 
  4. Strava
  5. GoQii 
  6. Aaptiv
  7. AliveCor
  8. Gauss Pixel App
  9. AirStrip ONE

We have provided these apps so that you can check out their features, business models, monetization strategies, and other information before building an ML-based healthcare and fitness app for your startup. You can also build the same applications with different features to make your app stand out. Make sure you discuss detailed app requirements with the ML development company before beginning the project development process. 

Final Words

Machine learning, the subset of artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing the health and fitness industry at an unprecedented rate. These two technologies have made the industry offer better services and improve quality while saving significantly on the cost and time. If you, too, want to develop an ML-based healthcare or fitness application, then it is advised to find out a reliable ML company or Healthcare app development company that can provide you quality services at a cost-effective price. Instead of hiring an ML app development company, you can also hire dedicated developers. Make sure you check their previous work before handing over your project. 

By Anurag Rathod

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