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Since its inception, Apple has carved its own path from other tech brands by focusing on delivering an intuitive user experience and building towards creative work. Nowadays, their easy-to-use UI, top-tier specs, and device ecosystem are what the brand is best known for. 

As a result of this focus, Apple’s impact has extended beyond brand recognition. It now enjoys a 9.33% market share for its macOS, making roughly US$ 260.17 billion a year.

Even singular devices like the MacBook have made their marks across various industries. In fact, the MacBook Pro has officially been adopted as the primary device by 2,755 companies, with Apple shipping 13.6% of its units in the U.S. alone during the Q4 of 2019.

The film and music industries have also made MacBooks their go-to devices, as their high-quality audio-visual output and suite of editing software make filmmaking and music production accessible through a single device. Best of all, these specs are bundled into a lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing body, allowing creators to take their work anywhere.

Creatives in design, photography, marketing, advertising, and visual art enjoy the MacBook’s capability of displaying crisp, print-accurate colors and superior font rendering. Aside from its trademark Retina display, the intuitive UI and vast array of available programs allow creatives to focus on their process without fussing over the technical details.

On the other hand, more technical fields like IT, computer, gaming, and communications leverage the capabilities of the MacBook’s system and specifications to get the job done. Programming and app development is made easier thanks to the macOS’ base UNIX system, removing the need for additional sandbox programs. 

Game companies are making the shift to accommodate macOS compatibility further for their titles. The MacBook allows for a parallel boot of Windows OS, giving players the liberty to enjoy even Windows-exclusive titles. Finally, the synchronization of apps across all Apple devices makes it easier to test and use various communication tools.

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Author: Chris Cantrell

Bio: Chris is a long-time gadgets enthusiasts, writer, and tech consultant for Macs4u. He is an avid collector of “vintage” gizmos and loves to watch 80s sci-fi movies in his leisure time.

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