canon printer problems

Canon printers are among the best printers around the world as their printing quality is the best among all its competitors. These printers are used in offices, schools, and even in many big organizations.

Well, the reason is the only one that is reliable and is going to provide you with the impeccable printing quality. But there are at times when you are going to face certain issues.

When you are getting an error message or any issue, then you will be searching for solutions. There are some solutions that are not going to work. There are at times as well, when the printer is going to give you the silent treatment.

When you were to start, it was going to relieve you from some frustration. But how are you going to resolve the issues such as the canon printer offline? What are the steps that you are going to take in order to resolve the issues?

There are specific troubleshooting steps that you can follow with every printer model. But when you understand why you are getting these common issues, you will be able to resolve these issues as well.

Printers are going to take care of all the paperwork in the office. Let us have a look at how to fix common Canon printer problems and how you will be able to resolve them.

Printer unable to Turn on:

There are at times when you are trying to turn on the printer and it is not going to turn on. Well, there are many issues that might have resulted in this condition. You must have not attached the power cables which is why the printer is not working.

In order to resolve the issue, what you need to do is to restart the printer. First, see whether it is turned on or not. If it is not turned on, then you need to turn it on and see whether it is working or not.

If it is not working, then you are required to detach the cables and then switch off the device. You need to let the device stay like that for a minute. After the minute is over, you are required to reattach the cables and see whether you have been able to resolve the issue or not.

This will help you fix the issue.

Jam issue:

When you give your printer a command, then it is going to accept the command and will start to work on it. Although, you will see that your print has been stopped due to a Jam. If you need to resolve this issue, then you can by removing the paper from the unit and then lining up in order to feed the elements that will clear the issue.

For some, there could be some sheets and for some, it could be more than that or the entire team. What you need to do is to check the entire team in order to check the recommended paper capacity.

There are at times when the main culprit is the thickness of the paper that is stuck in the printer. There are the rollers in the tray that will feed it to the printer. These parts have been known to cause jams after their repeated use as well. This may need to be replaced.

Printer Drivers update:

You cannot blame the hardware every time. The drivers of the printers are going to act as a translator between the computer and the printer.

Drivers are a kind of software and they can easily go out of date. They are also going to lose compatibility with the operating system after the update. If you see that the printer is not responding to even the basic commands or you see that is constantly crashing, then the driver may remove the issue from your PC.

See whether the drivers are outdated and check on the official website of canon whether the version of the drivers is there. If you have missed the update, then you need to update the drivers manually.

In conclusion:

This is how to fix Common Canon Printer Problems. If you are looking to fix these issues, then you follow the steps mentioned above. If you are still not able to resolve it, then get in touch with our experts and we will help you fix it.

By Anurag Rathod

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