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Live videos are the most popular social media videos, and they engage more audiences than non-live videos. Doing a live video is like having a camera in your pocket. You can interact with people directly, and it is more personal than text messages or chats. Through live video, you can see the person talking and answering your questions.

In live videos, the response is quick, and people, and by just tapping on the live video, you can be a part of the conversation that is going on the spot. As it engages more audience, it was first introduced on Facebook, and its success was immense. The number of people who used to be a part of a live Facebook video was three times more than the regular non-live video.

People in business used this strategy to grow their business faster and get more traffic on their websites. Later the feature of live video was introduced on Twitter and Instagram as well as the live videos allow people to get the answer to their questions in real-time. And it also helps them in resolving their queries regarding the product on the spot.

Why are live videos more in digital marketing?

If we compare the number of people reading a blog verse number of people watching a live video, then people’s ratio will always be more. And it is because everybody is having a busy routine, so sparing time for reading a blog is a challenging task, so people go for shortcuts.

People look for a way that saves their time and gives you all the information they need to get regarding a product. So they do not hesitate to click on the live session going on a product they are already thinking of buying. They ask questions over there and get their answers on time. In this way, their time is saved, and they do not have to wait for a response that long. Also, the purpose of getting all the information about the product is served.

How are live videos making digital marketing successful?

As time has changed, the people of today have also evolved a lot. The customers of today are far more sensible than the customers of 30 years ago. Now people question the quality of the product they are buying and sending those pictures of work is not enough to convince. The customers ask to see the brand’s character, and this opportunity could only be availed through live videos.

In live videos, you can show the character of the brand to your customers, and in this way, they would be able to trust you. You can quickly gain their trust through live streaming, which is sometimes not possible through text messages. Once you earned the trust of the customers, then there is no way of going back. They will purchase from you and will also recommend you to other people.

In this way, you get more traffic and your sales will increases. Therefore, live videos play a significant role in digital marketing, and it is now available at all social media platforms. You can also get different SEO services through live videos as the SEO services  are also given in live streaming, and people benefit from them.

People who are in business can use their Instagram handle, Facebook page, and other social media accounts for coming live to increase the demand for your products among people.

Why live videos have a future in digital marketing in 2021?

2021 will be a tough year regarding work and marketing because marketing strategies are changing day by day. And the only thing that can help digital marketing in surviving 2021 is the use of live videos. Some of the reasons why live videos have a future in digital marketing are

Increased demand for smartphones 

This era is of smartphones, and it is expected that life without a smartphone will be of no use because you will be disconnected from the rest of the world if you live without it. And this has given easy access to the audience to marketing companies as they know that most people are smartphone users and can watch their live video while sitting anywhere. And this is happening because people watch live streaming while doing their other tasks, and in this way, most of the audience can be engaged.

Saves your time

As everybody is now a social media user and they know what is going on around them. So live videos are one of the best ways by which you can reach more people at one time. It gets tough to text every individual who is looking forward to your product. To interact with them at one time, you can go for a live video, and it will serve the function. In this way, your time will also be saved, and you would also be able to get more customers than other marketing strategies.

By Anurag Rathod

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