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Can I control my child’s time on social media?

Can I control my child’s time on social media?

Is your kid a social media addict? Is the screen time exceeding the acceptable time? Do you think parental control app the right solution? Let’s find out.

Social media is an addictive platform that many kids are unable to get rid of. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have made the scenario worse. Every new update in the social media world makes children more engrossed.

More and more parents are worried about kids’ social media addiction and seek ways to get rid of it. According to experts, the best way to control screen time addiction is by using parental control apps.

How does social media affect your child?

Social media is growing on our kids. With every added feature, our kids are getting dragged in the online world. When Snapchat joined the league of video messaging, teenagers and college goers went crazy with the new style of messaging. Not to mention, the added filters made it more attractive and time-consuming.

So, here are the reasons why social media is harmful to teens:

1.    Addiction

The most prominent downside of social media is the obsession to spend long hours on these platforms. Constantly checking all the news feeds that come in, like and share news posts, comment on a friend’s achievement, message a new contact, and the list goes on.

2.    Increases screen time

Screen time usually gets elongated due to two primary reasons. Either it is excessive gaming or social media time. And amongst the two, social media is the never-ending activity. The content never seems to be getting over.

3.    Effect on Mental health

The biggest drawback of social media is its effect on mental health. Each time your kid comes across a friend or family member’s picture that displays happy faces on vacation, your kid may feel left out or upset with their current position. This is a very common problem in today’s generation.

4.    Exposure to negative news

Facebook or Instagram and even WhatsApp are inundated with negative news and content. At times the story is about a rape victim; at other times it may be about a man getting slaughtered.  Yes, we agree it is vital to grasp such news pieces and understand what’s happening around the world. However, such harmful content can play a disturbing role in kid’s mind. They either get upset and depressed, seeing such news elements or get driven towards such activities. Both cases are harmful to a growing brain, especially in the pre-teen phase.

5.   Increased Self Obsession

With social media platforms, parents have one more major fear- the self-obsession kids grow. The more children start sharing pictures and gain popularity on social sites, the more they start advertising themselves. They feel they are being recognized for their good looks or good work and keep repeating the same thing.

6.    Victims of cybercrime and cyber bully

There is no denying that social sites are filled with fake profiles, identity thieves, and cyber bullies. They all are responsible for making your kid’s life difficult. For cyber bullies, messaging platforms are the best instrument. They victimize kids through fake profiles for months and years together till they are knocked down.

7.    Exposure to violent and explicit content

Social media platform is flooded with violent content. There is news about riots and gunfights all over the timelines. Things are getting worse with the introduction of live streaming and video upload on social media. Kids get easy access to undesirable contents, which also includes adult videos and movies. Kids even start participating in sharing and liking such videos. Sharing inappropriate content makes an individual equally guilty for promoting such a thought process.

Can parental control app smartly curtail the problem of social media addiction?

Besides disciplining kids, parents don’t seek a second resort. Well, that’s completely wrong. If technology has given birth to social media, then it has also blessed us with an antidote- Parental control App Blocker.

Parental controls are tools that help parents in supervising kids’ digital activities by setting stringent control on their calls, apps, screen time, etc. And the best way to handle social media addiction is by restricting such apps.

App Blocker enables parents to lock an inappropriate app from kids’ phone. Bit Guardian Parental Control app offers an efficient app blocker that solves the problem of unnecessary apps in a jiffy. Few clicks and apps are locked. Another advantage of using Bit Guardian Parental Control app is screen time restrictions, which does not allow your kid to spend time on mobile phones in your absence.

Parents monitoring social media do not need to worry about today’s technology generation. Many options tackle the addiction and bad influence of digital gadgets. So, don’t ruin your kids’ life behind the screen, instead limit their screen time by using the Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

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