Marketing and customer management using email

Email is the representative communication method on the Internet that most netizens use. E-mail marketing is a marketing technique that uses e-mail, and it is recognized as the most effective tool in customer management by providing website promotion at low cost and regularly delivering information.

Email marketing is different from spam mail.

When it comes to email marketing, it’s easy to think of advertising emails, but indiscriminate spam emails only result in bad images. And the effect is also opaque.

When conducting email marketing, you must target netizens collected in a normal way with consent.

Email Marketing Advantages

  1. Low cost burden. All you have to do is carefully write the emails you want to send to your members. If you send emails in large quantities due to a large number of members, additional costs may be incurred because you need to use the bulk email service. However, you can market to a large audience for less than any other marketing channel.
  2. You can accurately convey important information. Keyword ads can only convey limited information, but emails have relatively few such restrictions.
  3. You can do more detailed marketing. Members can be grouped using their information. For example, you can extract only emails from women in their 20s and promote event products to them.

Disadvantages of email marketing

  1. There is a strong rejection to advertising mail due to anti-spam.
  2. It is burdensome to write an email of quality enough to see marketing effectiveness. Unless you’re a professional marketer, writing emails that will grab your customers’ attention is no easy task.
  3. There are many technical difficulties, such as having to register as a white list and manage the DB for email marketing. Therefore, it is a marketing method suitable for a certain sized homepage or shopping mall.

Securing an e-mail address In

general, you can obtain an e-mail address naturally when registering as a member. However, on sites where it is difficult to attract membership, you can use a mailing list to obtain an email address. If you regularly send useful information or run a mailing list that notifies you by email when special offers are available, you can secure emails from netizens who are burdened with membership registration.

Best of all, you need to ask for consent when obtaining an email address. And you should be considerate to be able to cancel your mailing list at any time with a click of an email.

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

Email marketing can be analyzed in a number of ways like keyword advertising. One way to do this is to analyze how much e-mail open rate is, and how many percentages visit the homepage through open e-mails, and if the effect is less than the original goal, boldly give up.

There are many cases of sending e-mails continuously because the cost is vaguely low without knowing the effect. This only results in the image being cut and wasteful manpower is wasted.

Advice for successful email marketing

  1. The subject of the email is the most important. You should choose a title that fits your customer’s needs rather than a title that stimulates curiosity.
  2. The main text should be conveyed briefly. If you continue to send e-mails with massive content, you are more likely to register your e-mail address as spam.
  3. Provide information that is helpful to your customers. Reading an email takes your time and attention. It should contain useful information enough to compensate for this.
  4. We must provide a link to cancel or refuse to receive. It also provides a simpler method of revocation, but provides confidence in the sender.
  5. Send an email that meets your customer’s needs. To do this, it is effective to segment customers and send e-mails with different contents to the segmented customers.