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The importance of bottled beverages cannot be denied as they are one of the most selling products. There are numerous kinds of bottle beverages available in the market today such as; wines, juices, soft drinks, and many more. All of these beverages are stored in glass bottles. That is why they are known as bottle beverages. If you own a beverage company, then you might also be making use of glass bottles to store beverages.

The main reason for the utilization of glass bottles is their environmental benefits. Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are safer to use. They don’t have any kind of chemicals or toxic elements which will retain the freshness and purity of the enclosed beverage. Hence, it is always beneficial to make use of glass bottles whenever it comes to the long-term storage of beverages. Especially, the businesses that involve shipping of these beverages must make use of glass bottles for long term safety.

But there is a major drawback of making use of glass bottles. If not catered and packed carefully, these glass bottles for your beverages can break at any time. In this way, it is always important to make appropriate arrangements for the safe preservation of these glass bottles. Here is one of the best ways to preserve bottled beverages and to protect them from damages during shipping or display.

Insert Boxes

Whenever it comes to the storage of delicate and fragile bottles that have a risk of breakage, insert boxes make a perfect choice. It is due to the fact that these boxes are exactly made to cater to the packaging needs of beverage bottles. Any beverage company can make use of these boxes for an ideal presentation of beverages in the market. In addition, these boxes are perfectly designed for shipping purposes. You can ship or transport bottled beverages in the safest way through these boxes. Hence, by making use of these boxes, and beverage company can take a sigh of relief as their products will be safe for as long as required.

How Insert boxes protect the bottles?

If we talk about the shape and structure of these boxes, then they are customized according to the company that has ordered them. Normally, insert boxes have a square shape with custom inserts in them that divide the boxes into 4 or 6 sections. Each of the section houses one bottle. In this way, all the bottles will be separated through the cardboard inserts in each box. Hence, these custom insert boxes are very much suitable for the ideal protection of your stuff. All you have to do is choose a suitable size for these boxes and tour bottle beverages will be safely transported to any destination you want.

Insert Boxes for Display Purpose

Although these boxes are not ideal for shelf display, if you have to display or store a stack of bottle beverages, then there is no better option than insert boxes. These boxes will not take a lot of the space and in this way, it will become easier for you to display many bottles in the market. The cardboard material and custom inserts within these boxes will protect the bottles throughout the time they are displayed in the market.

Customizations and additional features can also be introduced within these boxes. The die-cut holes are also featured on them to make it easier for the customers to carry them. All you have to do is choose the most ideal custom designing options for these boxes.

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