gable boxes

The boxes having handles are always a better packaging solution. Whenever you think about supportive and firm boxes, you might generate the idea of the cardboard boxes possessing handles with them. The best feature you can reinforce your packaging with is flexibility. Add customization to your packaging to get beneficial results. How can you attain this objective? Using cheap and biodegradable material can get your back by saving you a lot of money. Design your packaging by scrutinizing the unique prints suitable for your boxes. You can use kraft papers and digital scrapbooks for this purpose. Adjust the size that goes fit with the relevant product.

You have chosen the best material and design for your packaging. Moreover, the size of the box that you chose is also demanding. Now, what else do you bring to your packaging to enhance customer’s exposure to your brand? You can offer even more robust packaging, which can better be done by using kraft handle-boxes. These kraft boxes having handles are typically known as Custom Gable Boxes. Many businesses prefer to use these boxes, especially restaurants and food points. People also use these boxes for safekeeping their households. A few uses of these handle-boxes include the following.

For Takeaways and Delivery:

Usually, restaurants use these handle-boxes to safely deliver food items to the customer’s door. If your food point just offers takeaways, these boxes are the best on which you can reckon. Make these handy boxes even more innovative and personalized by using the brand logo and name mounted on them. You can use printed kraft paper or floral scrapbook paper as well.

For Lunch Boxes:

The trend of using kraft paper for lunch boxes is still in fashion. These boxes are resistant to extraneous conditions. They keep the foodstuff fresh and safe from harmful environmental effects. Besides, they are highly proficient in transporting food from one place to another. These boxes are easily available in any size and style. They efficiently help you while taking your meal from home to outside.

For Gift Packaging:

Do you want an adorable box to wrap a handmade gift? Add beauty to your gift as these boxes are the finest to give someone. These boxes are highly robust and sturdy as they can carry fragile items without causing any damage. You can either use kraft boxes having a single color or use digitally printed boxes. Use twine or silky ribbons to join both kraft handles. It will make your gift more vibrant than before.

For Storing Garments:

Large boxes having handles are adequate for keeping household stuff like clothes. Most people use large cartons to store extra clothes. Handling and storing garments in these boxes is very convenient as they are easy to carry. Having several boxes alike can be tricky. Choose boxes having different designs that can bring ease to your safekeeping. You can also use simple kraft boxes with handles and label them with the item name.

For Books and Magazines:

Do you have less space to keep your books? You cannot always place your bulks of books on cupboards or shelves, and you must be caring for your books. Therefore, a better solution to keep your stuff must be crucial for you. These boxes can get your back as they are vital for safekeeping several items. Customize your packaging by using either printed or simple design boxes.

For Branding:

Many companies withstand a great amount of their budget for their brand or product advertisement. They can utilize handy boxes in this regard to raise their brand recognition. Most brands use small boxes to offer testers to their future consumers. For example, a cosmetic company introduces a new product. It offers mini testers along with brochures to advertise their products. They might make their product more eye-catchy by using customized handy boxes.


Boxes with handles are more superior in providing strength and support to the product. Companies use these boxes to make their product packaging more elegant and sturdier. Handle-boxes are greatly used by food corners to deliver foodstuff to their consumers. Flexibility and personalization in these boxes can be a better and cost-effective solution for branding.

By Anurag Rathod

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