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Hamdard Products Online has been one of the leading medical and immunity products manufacturers in the country. Hamdard Laboratories formed their medicine division decades old and has been helping people to treat certain illnesses like fever, cold, cough, etc. The brand keeps on working on bringing new medicines and innovations to maintain the well-being of people.

Hamdard has made an appeal for healthy living during the pandemic season. It was done via a promotional film that happens to be a brand’s initiative known as Healthy India “Hamdard India”. Hamdard Unani Medicines are known for such creative campaigns and awareness programs. The pandemic has impacted everyone’s health in some way. While the others were struggling with the serious impacts of Coronavirus, others were dealing with some sort of immunity problems. But, overall, everyone in the nation was suffering mentally or physically.

Hamdard’s Initiative In Pandemic

Like all major Herbal Healthcare Products brands, Hamdard came forward with this great campaign promoting the importance of utmost importance. The Unani brand digital campaign went by the name “Sehat Hai To Watan Hai”. It proved to be a great step in rejuvenating people and restoring the lost energy. The pandemic times sucked up our mental and physical stability, and we all required some source of revitalizing our health. This promotion of Hamdard Unani Products was launched with the same approach.

The brand’s idea urged people to become more thoughtful about their health concerns. It focused on the undeniable fact that a healthier lifestyle is necessary to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital film went on, featuring all sorts of social media channels as Hamdard India’s popular initiative. Its performance proved to be highly effective on the eCommerce and entertainment portals. The brand was able to catch up to a lot of engagement and a lot of them chose toBuy Hamdard Unani Products Online.

Women’s cosmetic products placed on a blue background.

The campaign put more detailed importance on its mission to spread awareness on health and well-being. The company has a long due commitment to the people’s well being and this promotional film went on adding value to the same. “Sehat Hai To Watan Hai” was a great step by Hamdard Unani Medicines in boosting the morale of people. The Indian company has always been dedicated to assisting the nation in leading a healthy lifestyle.

People tend to prefer Hamdard medicines to achieve realistic goals, fitness expectations, power-packed immunity, sustainable physical as well mental health. The campaign emphasized more to purchase and consume products that come with strong immunity system ingredients. As the immunity system is highly important in the current scenario, everyone must start taking it more seriously than ever.

Special Products & Offers From Hamdard India

Hamdard laboratories offered health checkups and medical assistance with proper consultations. People are allowed to get reliable consultation at all Hamdard Wellness Centers or from online consultancy. Both physical and virtual centers were functional during the campaign and peak period of the COVID spread in India. Hamdard Products Online was available for everyone with easy accessibility. There were several offers and discounts running on the brand’s products with other benefits like faster delivery. The COVID patients who were going through the recovery phase from post-COVID symptoms were allowed treatment at Hamdard’s Wellness centers. Hence #SehatHaiToWatanHai campaign was an overall assisting source for everyone out there.

Our core aim was to spread the required strength, Hope, and commitment in people and encourage them to lead a better post-COVID healthy life. It was our duty and the right time to showcase the Humdard brand commitment to the nation. Hamdard Unani Products has been proven to be helpful in helping people achieve the expected immunity and confidence to combat the energy-sucking virus.

The wide range of natural products of Hamdard is proven to be quite effective in healing the bodies. The people are left with huge medication, low oxygen levels, deprived energy, strong Steroids, etc. Hamdard kept working at their end to restore the energy of the nation and the campaign was a call to the entire nation to come forward in building stronger immunity levels. The immunity levels were to be boosted with natural means and products.

Hamdard’s decades-old legacy for Indians

The company has a long history of serving mankind with proper care and compassion, that too at affordable prices. The laboratories trust products which are 100% safe and free from any side effects. We were dedicated to helping India to heal with holistic wellness. Shop Our Herbal Healthcare Products online and a wide portfolio of boosters can help with any sort of disease and instill confidence. These include Joshua, Imyoton, Chyawanprash, Joshanda, etc. The people can avail the goodness of taste and benefits of herbs. The company takes all aspects into consideration while bringing innovative and healthy ayurvedic medicines.

The natural herbs and healthy combinations come with rich antioxidants that prove to be effective in dealing with various infections like cold, cough, flu, etc. Hamdard’s immunity boosters are available on multiple eCommerce platforms like Amazon, 1mg, Healthmug, etc. The company went on launching another campaign #StrongWithHamdard to stay strong with Hamdard Products Online. It was also launched with the emphasis on staying at the top of the immune system amid the COVID-19 period and even after that.

The campaign was also promoted on print, social media, television, and radio platforms similar to the previous one. It has a strong message to maintain the immune system with the use of Unani Medicine products released by Hamdard laboratories.


Hence, these powerful campaigns by the Unani medicine creator resulted in grabbing huge engagement in India. While most people tend to get the motivation, others prefer to use the products to maintain the significant health factors. Apka Hamdard radio program was a similar initiative addressing the significance of immunity boosters. Hopefully, the shared information proves valuable to every reader out there and helps in boosting immunity levels. 

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