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Mega mansions are worth millions of dollars that cannot be without security. Also, celebrities that own these mansions have other items of value in their homes that must be protected. It is worth noting that the security of a mega-mansion is different from the average neighborhood security.

The following are some of the known ways in which celebrities keep their mega-mansions protected:

State of the Art Surveillance Systems

Today’s advanced surveillance systems are one of the best ways to protect a mega-mansion. These security systems comprise video surveillance, audio monitoring equipment, and lighting.

Cameras are strategically placed at different spots in the mansion to better record and monitor activities. The audio monitoring equipment can listen to what is happening in a particular area and will send an alert for any unusual sound picked by the microphone.

Guard Dogs

Some of the mega-mansions come with a guard dog. The dogs are trained to alert the owners of any unwanted guests in the mansion. Also, these dogs can easily protect their owners in the case of a hostile intruder.

Special Insurance For the Mega Mansions

It is also worth noting that these properties are insured by what is called high value home insurance. The insurance policy includes high-value items in an estate like expensive paintings and antiques, family heirlooms, and any special amenities in the home e.g. home theater, recreational areas. Also, the mansions are insured against natural disasters like fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Professional Security Guards

Some mega-mansion owners also have professional, full-time security guards on retainer. These guards have been trained to oversee any situation in the mansion or property. They can be called upon for assistance at any time. The security guards have mountain bikes or motorcycles to access the property. It enables them to round up intruders in the property quickly.

Alarm Systems

A few mega-mansions are so large that placing a guard dog in a specific area may not be effective. It is because the guard dog may not cover all areas. For this reason, some mega-mansions have alarm systems installed.

These alarm systems are set off by detecting any unusual sound from an intruder, like breaking glass or a burglar alarm going off. These sensors and alarms can also alert security guards and police with short-range communications devices.

Man-resistant Technology

Some mega-mansion owners have a system installed to detect an intruder approaching their property. It will then send out an alert immediately to all the guard members in the vicinity. Such technology uses sensors that can detect the slightest sound, movement in the air, and changes in air pressure.

Mansion Designs

Some of the mega-mansion owners have security features built into their homes. These features include skylights for observing the mansion from above and buttons that alert security staff within minutes. Some systems have been designed to automatically close gates and windows if an intruder is detected around the property.

Color-Coded Gates and Doors

Some mega-mansion owners choose to color-code their gates and doors using a specific color for each type of security staff member. This way, it is easy to tell whose car is in the garage or driveway. Also, the color-coded doors and gates make it easy to identify which staff member needs assistance from which door.

Fire Systems

Most mega-mansions have fire systems that can detect smoke and a fire alarm going off. The fire system has three distinct response levels for alarms that sound in different situations: low, medium, and high. This way, the fire system can be used to alert the security staff or police that a fire has broken out in the mansion.

Computerized Security Systems

Some mega-mansions have computerized security systems that automatically detect and record data every 30 minutes on activities within a certain mansion area. The data can then be downloaded to computer screens at each staff member’s desk and shared with other security staffers.

Quick Response System

It is also advisable to have a quick response system at the mega-mansion if an intruder is detected. The authorized security staff can be notified in less than five minutes to surround and capture the intruder before they can escape. Such response systems help cut down on damage costs and protect valuable items at the mega-mansion.

Final Thought

Mega mansions require a 24-hour security system that will also involve human security personnel. Although the cost of security of these properties might be high, it is worth every coin.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.