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People love appreciation and sometimes melt at the show of it. Most people may walk away from a relationship (be it personal or business) if they believe the other party is not appreciating them enough. As an ecommerce venture owner, this is something you do not need knowledge of woocommerce mix and match to figure out.

Most firms tend to focus only on getting new customers. It is no surprise that they usually end up with one off customers. Below are some ways to get the most of existing customers. By getting the most, I do not mean just sales alone. You should also make effort to continually strengthen your business relationship. These tips below will be of enormous help to you.

Pay attention to their feedback

Nobody will want to continue a relationship that they consider to be one sided. The worse mistake you can make is to not listen to person you claim you serve. Do not assume what they want when they have not told you. Create avenues for your customers to assess your services and products. Always ensure that this channel is functional. After getting their feedback, respond to their feedback to make them understand that you have gotten it. Do not just stop there. You should act on the feedback and give customers feedback on the line of action to see to the actualization of their request. If their request is something that you cannot meet for any reason, do well to tell them so and the reason why you cannot meet their demand.

Create loyalty based promotions

A lot of firms tend to ignore this aspect. They need to learn from these WooCommerce Whatsapp Order. When these companies develop a new app or update an existing app, the first set of people who get the info are the existing app users.  What most ecommerce and commerce ventures do totally ignore existing customers. Their promotions usually target new customers while their existing customers are left out. As a result of this line of action, they end up having only one off customers. Let us look at it from another angle. Imagine you start a loyalty based promotion. This will make more people stick with you long enough to benefit from it. Unlike new customers inclined promotions that will only get you one off customers.

Appreciate referrals

This is not the same thing as paying customers for referrals. A lot of firms now use multilevel marketing in a bid to increase sales and promote patronage. If you follow these firms that use this form of appreciation for it’s customers, you will observe that the trend is simple. They tend to garner lots of customers at the beginning when their offer seems mouthwatering. After some time, their customers tend to look elsewhere if the source of motivation (money) now seems to be inadequate. On the hand, if you appreciate the efforts of your customers without making it all monetary, your customers will not be driven. You can use a “refer two customers and get the change to wash to sets of bedsheets”. To appreciate existing customers, you can even increase the reward based on how long the customer has been patronizing you. 

Consistently offer value and quality

All the things I have mentioned above will be a waste if you are not giving something people value. You will continue to organize promotions without making any serious headway. Imagine creating an app that always freezes or an electric car whose battery does not last long enough. There is no amount of promotion you will do that will make you make steady good sales. People will run off after using it and will also warn others off it. If there is a good reason you should continuously offer quality, it is because of the existing customers who are still with you because of the quality you offer. If you have reason to tamper with any factor, let it be price not quality of your products or services.

Provide support and after sale services

After sale services show how much your company is humble appreciative and caring when it comes to serving its customers. Everything should not always be business for you. Even if it is, you should not make your customers perceive this. Even business attend fund raising and other philanthropic events. This is also part of business. While you should not compromise quality, you should also not joke with your after sales and support your customers. If they are old customers, you should even reverence them so that new customers will want to stay long enough to receive such a treatment. Create a single and active customer care medium instead of multiple that are not functional. Do not ignore certain things like providing customers with porters because your business is expanding. Instead reinforce these acts and you will continue to endear existing customers.

You can still cross sell to existing customers. You should however be careful how you do it as people may see it as you wanting to take as many pennies off them as you can. You can reduce the price when you cross sell related products to existing customers.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce mix and match), Elabelz.com , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing . 

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