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Did you realize that 35% of ladies have had an evening demolished by an awkward pair of shoes? A similar report by ShopSmart, also viewed that 61% of ladies have conveyed a second pair of shoes to an occasion as a safety measure for foot torment! To every one of our women out there, you realize the aggravation we’re discussing! We have all removed a couple of heels to get down on the dance floor! They say “excellence is tormented,” yet does it truly need to be? At Menina Step, we value superior grade, handcrafted ladies’ footwear around here at Menina Step. For our purposes, hand-tailored and top-notch shoes go connected at the hip (in all seriousness). We give upscale, reasonable, and agreeable shoes, so you can carry on with that city life strolling as certainly as could be expected! Hand-tailored shoes are the answer to your concerns, and we’re here to explain to you why. Continue to peruse to gain proficiency with carefully assembled shoes and why you want to do the switch!

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Your feet are the best emotionally supportive network you will at any point have, in a real sense! They convey us all over the place! An article posted by FootCare MD takes note of that to deal with your feet, “your shoes ought to be agreeable, down to earth, and fit well. Significantly, the shoe fits the state of your foot. Limited and tight shoes bring about foot issues.” So for what purpose are such vast numbers of our shoes not addressing these requirements? Well, first of all, our feet are a bit high upkeep, and as it should be! Do you believe that the producers making your shoes care about your calluses, impact point curves, or enlarged feet? Probably not! So perhaps that is the reason those “prepared-to-wear,” efficiently manufactured, processing plant shoes simply aren’t cutting it any longer! Thus, how about we investigate a few justifications for why handcrafted shoes are a vastly improved speculation for your feet!


The course of hand-production shoes is meticulous and tedious, however certainly worth the eventual outcome. A gifted creator finishes the mind-boggling sewing on each shoe with point-by-point accuracy with each touch. From the origin to the considerably limit of the cycle, incredible consideration and tender loving care are put on collecting the tongue to the eyelets to the uppers, to the sole, all of this manually! These master shoemakers accomplish the difficult work, so your feet don’t need to! It’s an ideal opportunity to quit saying, It’s also a great opportunity to invest in high-quality shoes that will give you the most bang for your dollars!


  • Life span
  • Toughness
  • Assortment
  • Solace
  • Life span


Shoemakers put extraordinary time and care into the shoemaking system so your shoes can withstand everyday hardships. Hand-tailored shoes are created with quality materials and are definitively sewn and sewed to the tee. This meticulousness guarantees that your shoes will endure longer than retail chain shoes, which are frequently made with modest materials. Assuming cost is a worry, shift your concentration from the number of shoes to quality. Putting resources into a decent, top-notch pair of shoes will set aside your cash over the long haul.


Hand-tailored shoes are produced using top-notch materials as top-quality cowhide and creature stow away. Two advantages from utilizing these materials include:

Having the option to withstand the mileage of day by day exercises contrasted with the retail chain “engineered” materials

Calfskins oppose tearing and penetrating, things different brands are inclined to

The sturdiness of shoes relies upon:

  • Movement level
  • How regularly they are worn
  • Level of care

This basis continues as before for retail chains and handcrafted shoes. However, everything returns to those top-notch materials! Your hand-tailored shoes are made to bear you every day’s adventures!


From shoes to loafers to expressive dance pads and shoes, handcrafted shoes are made with an individual touch and enable us to oblige your very own style! A variety of shadings, plans, and materials are available to the creator, so you can generally find a kind that praises your look! Like our feet, we are not “one size fits all,” which is why we put resources into top-notch materials so that you can have a phenomenal encounter wearing them!


We as a whole realize your feet can’t rely upon shoes produced using modest, harmful quality materials. Proper shoes rapidly lose backing and design and leave your feet in torment! Another ShopSmart detailed that ladies regularly own 17 sets of shoes yet wear three consistently. For what reason do they not wear the other 14? Since they are awkward! Shoes made with top-notch materials give solace that is undoubtedly worth the cash. Great cowhides and materials form the shape and size of your feet. After some time, the comfort of a great pair of shoes is equivalent to cuddling up on the love seat with a warm mug of espresso.


The course of hand-production shoes has been around for many years. The styles of shoes, for example, round-toes, square-toed, or stages, have changed. However, the interaction has continued as before. Today, most shoemakers can depend on essential hand devices and a trusty sewing machine to assist them with taking care of business!


  • Drawing a plan
  • Choosing materials
  • Cutting
  • Gathering
  • Sewing


Is it safe to say that you are detecting a subject here? Around here at Menina Step, our central goal is to give tasteful, reasonable, and hand-tailored shoes. Also, prepare to have your mind blown. We can provide you with these at a reasonable cost! Women, we realize that shoes are one of the main variables of your outfit (more than 28% of you, to be precise!) That is why we should offer everything you search for in a great brand. Our extraordinary Spanish-style shoes will likewise keep you looking spectacular and feeling good. In synopsis, carefully assembled shoes are an incredible venture for your style, yet additionally for your wallet and your feet! After some time, purchasing handcrafted shoes will save you a yearly or month-to-month excursion to the retail chain to restock your shoes! The extensive and many-sided making process guarantees that your shoes will be agreeable, keep going quite a while, withstand your everyday undertakings, and give an individual touch to your day-by-day style!

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