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We all have at least one single friend who is always ready to talk, even at late nights. Or who is always available to go for lunch or snacks. Friends are the best treasure that we get in this crucial world. Let’s celebrate this friendship by gifting personalized jewelry gifts and let them feel special. Let’s be thankful for having such imperfectly perfect friends. By giving a small present, you can show that you care for her.

Jewelry accessories are the perfect gift to give your girl every time. With the growing trend of custom jewelry, personalized jewelry gifts have become more popular nowadays. This guide includes trendy jewelry pieces to give any female friend. Here you will get some pretties jewelry giftpieces like custom earrings for women, bracelet pieces, engraved custom name necklace, and more. Let’s go forward with it.

Personalized Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Female Friend


  • Bar Name Necklace

In the great collection of engraved custom name necklace, a bar necklace is every time popular to give as a gift. The bar name necklaces are eye-catchy fashion accessories to style on different occasions. In the customized bar necklaces, you can engrave her name in multiple languages and font styles. Bar name necklaces work great to layer up with other necklace pieces.

  • Name Hoops

If your girl BFF enjoys going with fashion trends, then try out name hoops. Custom earrings for women earn much popularity from trendy jewelry lovers. Hoops are well famous in women’s fashion, but now it’s time to try the name hoops. Customizable name hops are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials to try on. She will surely enjoy having these pieces of custom earrings for women.

  • Personalized Initial Pendants

Here is a perfect engraved custom name necklace piece to steal your girl’s heart. The initial pendant necklace is perfect to adorn her personality well. Initial jewelry is a vintage jewelry piece that still hits on current fashion trends. Therefore shopping for a timeless jewelry piece can be a good investment. Engraved custom name necklace pieces are come up with different materials to try on. Like gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and more.

  • Initial Stud Earrings

Most women love to wear tiny little things, then go for stud-type earrings. In the personalized jewelry gifts section, there are a lot of products to try on, and initial studs are one of them. You can go for your friend’s name’s first or last initial letter for initial stud earrings. If your female friend likes the mix and matches thing, then surely, choose for initial studs. She can easily combine stud earrings with a different one.

  • Personalized Cuff Bracelets

In women’s bracelets, cuffs and charms are every-time preferred one bracelet piece to shop. Cuff bracelets are the chic and dainty style bracelets that she can style with formal and casual wear. Cuff bracelets have enough space to work with more customization. Therefore you can engrave names, initial letters, messages, and quotes on the personalized cuff bracelets.

If your female friend doesn’t prefer cuff bracelets, then you can go with custom-made bangle bracelets as well. Bangle form also consists of much space to work with customization.

  • Monogram Earrings

Again a pretty cool piece of custom earrings for women. Monogram jewelry is something more than an ordinary one. Monogram earrings are come up with varied forms like stud style, hook style, thread style, disc pattern, hoop style, and so on. You can explore custom jewelry stores for more gorgeous designs for custom earrings for women.

  • Name Rings

Personalized jewelry gifts collection is totally incomplete without a touch-up of rings. Rings are popular in women’s fashion and as well in men’s fashion. Let’s go trendy with customized name rings. Name rings are acceptable to style with each casual and fashion outfit. Name rings also look stylish by stacking multiple rings.

  • Initial Charm Bracelets with Birthstone

As we discussed before, charms are the favorite jewelry accessory for women. At the very first, we only have limited options for charm jewelry, but now, charms are everywhere. Like, charm bracelets, engraved custom name necklace with charms, earrings, and anklets.

Gift your girlfriend a piece of charm bracelets engraved with a birthstone. Yes, birthstones are pretty cool to add on jewelry pieces. First, you should know your friend’s birthstone or birth month. After knowing the birth month, you can go for the exact birthstone to customize with jewelry pieces. Little pretty charms are as well accepted to engrave on names and initials. Or else, you can use your design to customize on charm bracelets.

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  • Disc Message Necklaces

After looking at the initial and name jewelry, let’s look at the message necklace. Here is a piece of engraved custom name necklace to customize your specific message on it. Disc or kind of round patterns is also eye catchy to style up-on formal and casual events. You can engrave sweet words or inspirational quotes for her in this engraved custom name necklace piece. Different materials and designs are available for this piece to shop like, custom earrings for women.

  • Year Anklets

Here is the last but not least piece of personalized jewelry gifts. Ankle bracelets are back in jewelry trends therefore, you can gift your friend the ankle bracelets. Anklets are the casual fashion accessory that we use regularly. Let’s make it more meaningful with personalization. You can customize a specific year or date as well in this piece. Like you can engrave birth year, your friendship year, marriage or engagement anniversary, and more that means something for her.

So it’s all for the day. Consider these personalized jewelry gifts idea if you get confused about what to choose.

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