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When the first commercial website went popular in the late 90’s, it was obvious that online grocery shopping and grocery delivery app development will take place. And will become the future of business. But that was not the time for online businesses as the public were facing internet issues. So they preferred local stores to purchase their grocery. However, very soon the online market started receiving a good response until there were few online grocery business owners.

Ever since the internet has come into existence, people have known about its potential. As more and more people started exploring its prowess, it became evidently clear that there were so many applications to this magic that just about every requirement of humans could be met through it. However, the development of on demand apps such as on demand grocery delivery application came about only a few recent years back. 

As more and more people came to appreciate the ease and convenience of grocery applications, more and more entrepreneurs started to enter this industry to claim a piece of the market pie for themselves. However, not every one was successful. In fact, most companies failed horribly when only a few of them were able to etch their mark in the market.

As the time passed, contenders increased and the market went dirty again. This is how online grocery business becomes a huge failure again. But still, there are existing grocery websites which are running their business tremendously. Do you want to know their secret recipes of success?

So, if you too are planning to set course on the journey of establishing this business, then here’s something that you should consider. We have put together a list of the biggest contenders in terms of reasons that are behind the abject failure of the rest. Let us take a look. 

The problems which they faced in the grocery business as well as the solution that moved them back on track

Problem No. 1

Putting all their eggs in one basket

While it may seem like a tempting prospect to launch the app with all sorts of discounts and offers, it might not be that wise an option from the point of view of the customer. Giving away too many discounts right in the beginning without requiring the user to prove their loyalty is just an easy way to start the precipice of your business with a loss. 

Many entrepreneurs have looked at this business as a 100 meter race, when in fact it is nothing less than a cross country marathon. There are many elements to the business and to succeed, each component has to take the baton and charge ahead when the time comes. Putting up useless discounts is not going to take you anywhere. 

How to Prevent This?

Make sure that you have one solid brand communication line. When you launch your business, there should not be too many ‘eggs’ so to speak in your basket. You should have one single purpose and all your offers should align to facilitate it. For example, as a grocery business, if your brand theme is to make the most of exotic vegetables. Then your discounts and offers should only extend towards that. There is no need to give discounts towards washing powders. A better way to use offers and discounts is to enable the users to interactively earn rewards. Make use of referral points and shopping points to ensure that your customers are always relying on your app.

Another important thing that many entrepreneurs fail to notice or simply ignore is that today’s modern customer doesn’t simply want discounts. He is probably willing to pay a little more but wants to ensure that he or she gets a ‘unique’ experience. The process of shopping, using your app and website is just as important as receiving the placed orders.  

Problem No. 2

Cutting Corners with the App

Although it seems impossible that people would do that with their own business, an unfortunate number of people rely on the ‘Cheapest is Best’ for my business right now’ theory. Of course, the initial investment in any business is a relatively large sum. Most people fail to anticipate exactly how large a sum of money they might have to invest before actually beginning their entrepreneurial escapade. 

The problem with going for a cheaper app is that almost always, people invariably cut corners in development. You see, an app like the on demand grocery delivery app is one that is very complex. There are too many components to it. Too many moving parts involved in ensuring a smooth functioning of the app. This is why; building it from scratch is not only a costly affair but a very time consuming one. Considering the popularity of the business, many developers are building their own version of the Instacart clone app. However, not every one of them is successful. Picking one that is cheap but doesn’t fulfill all the industry requirements will only end up costing you a fortune in the long run.

The Solution to this conundrum

Go for an on demand grocery delivery app that has been built by a reputed company. A company with a portfolio of at least 1000 plus successful launches of on demand apps is the one that you should be focusing your attention towards. Make sure that you take a look at the app in its entirety focusing on their previous work, taking into account the response and testimonials of their previous customers. 


Problem No. 3

Not knowing the entire capacity of your app

While it is a very exciting prospect to kick starts your business as soon as possible, it might not be the best approach toward it. You see, if you don’t know exactly how your app functions you will never know if there is something wrong with it. If you invest in an app just by looking at design smoke screens, you will be stuck with something that you were never really totally prepared for. 

How to know the app?

Don’t worry too much about this. There is actually and easy way to determine the functionality of the application. If you purchase your app from a reliable on demand grocery delivery app developer, they should be in a position to provide you with a free unlimited duration of the demo. Take it. Download it on your device and then make sure that you have thoroughly checking it. 

Now that you know the three biggest reasons that amount to the failure of the grocery delivery business, you can be sure to wind your way around them! All the best with your own on demand grocery delivery business!

Now you have the solution then, why to leave your online grocery business behind?

Remember, whenever there is a new technology come around in the market, it brings disadvantages more and advantages less. It depends on us, when and where to implement the potential.

Further, make your online grocery business with grocery delivery app development better.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.