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As we all know, crime against women is always a matter of fear for the Indian public. Instead of controlling crime, people made restrictions and the government made rules which every woman has to follow willingly or unwillingly. Instead of bringing confidence to women, people restrict them to go alone outside. 

So, to reduce family fear and to bring confidence in women to go alone outside, many apps are developed by entrepreneurs which can help women as security guards and protect them from every situation. Here are a few of them:


iGoSafely is an app for personal safety in case of an emergency. By the use of this app, you can notify your emergency contacts by alert messages just by unplugging your headphones or by shaking your phone. You can send them your GPS location and even a recording of what is happening around you so that they can help you.

Smart 24×7

Smart24×7 is also a personal security app that helps the user by calling the police when the panic button is pressed. In addition to this, you can also call pre-designated contacts in case of an emergency. If your GPRS is not working, it sends location via SMS. Further, it has features like tracking, customer care and chat, recording audio, and video of situations. The app is available on Google play store and iTunes.


bSafe is one of the best apps for women’s safety with various features. It sends your exact GPS location and audio-video records to the contacts selected by you. It also has a ‘Follow me’ feature that enables virtual tracking of the user via GPS tracking until you reach the destination. The ‘Fake call’ feature enables you to escape from unpleasant situations and the ‘Timer Alarm’ feature enables you to inform your family about where you are. You can download this app from Google Play Store and iTunes.

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My SafetyPin

In case you are stuck somewhere, this app can help you by guiding the best and safest route to your destination. And if you have entered an unsafe route then it will send an alert notification so that you can invite your friends and family to track your location. The safety of an area is measured from the parameters like public transport, visibility, and security, etc. so these factors let you know that the area is safe or not. This app is also available on Google play store and iTunes.

Eyewatch SOS for women

Eyewatch SOS for women records audio and video of the surroundings of the user and sends it to contacts chosen by him along with an alert message. This app is popularly known for its location sending accuracy, confirmation feature, and functioning without GPRS. It also enables you to let your family know that you are safe by pressing the I am safe button when reaching your destination. The app is available on Google play store and iTunes.


This app enables every citizen to inform police about criminal cases and illegal activities in their area. This app also lets you report lost or stolen things by calling the police. CitizenCop app provides a feature for women’s safety that is eLakshmanRekha that provides features like live tracking, emergency calls, and SOS alerts which women can use in case of danger.

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The Final Words

Many safety apps are developed for helping women. There are a lot of apps which you will find on the web but these are our best recommendations. Self-safety and being able to defend yourself is the thing which every woman should learn but by the use of these apps, they can take help from police or their family as well.

By Anurag Rathod

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