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Why is this time perfect to launch your Gojek Clone? Because there are tons of Services that you can offer to people enjoying and relaxing during the Festive Season of this Holiday. Here’s a list of all the Services that are in vogue and in huge demand globally during the Christmas Holidays. With a Pre-Built, Mature, and Market-Tested App, you can get into building the best Multi-Service App of 2022. 

Services you can Offer 

Delivery of Favorite Traditional Christmas Dishes

Pigs in blankets, Roast hams, Parsnips, and of course some Christmas Pudding is what completes the Christmas Spirit. With people enjoying their holidays, they will have less time to cook these delicacies. They will go the simple way – Order the dishes from their favorite Restaurants through the App. 

Since your App will have seamless features, it will be easier for the Customers to Order with a single tap on the screen. Also, they can pay online via the In-App Wallet. 

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Grocery Delivery via the App when you don’t feel like going on Shopping

Winters are teasing and when the wind is howling, we like to keep ourselves all warm and cozy in the blankets. And then the worst feeling catches on when you run out of groceries. Well, this is when your On-Demand Multi Services App will be most useful. 

People can now sit on their couches or beds and Order their Grocery List right from their Phones. Also, they can make Payments through the App. While they will also get to see if the Delivery Person is vaccinated or not, and what is their current body temperature. This feature ensures that the Deliveries made through the App are safe and strictly adhere to the Corona-Safety Guidelines issued by the World Health Organization. 

You just have to wish and the Delivery Genie will be on their way 

You can offer your Customers the Services of a Delivery Genie. They are the only Delivery person who can save you from hopping from store to store. So, if you got that last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas, then you can simply tap on the App, and “On-demand Delivery Expert” will come right to your Service. 

You can hand them a list of items that you want from a particular store via the App. After the Delivery Genie reaches the Store, they click a picture of the product and Upload it on the App. They wait for the Customer’s approval. And only after the Customer Approves the item, the Genie goes ahead and makes the purchase. The Delivery Genie will buy all the items exactly as you instruct them and will deliver them to your doorstep. 

Features that you can bag to make Christmas more exciting 

Add on the Favorite Toppings from the Restaurant Menu

Who doesn’t love to add some extra toppings and sauces to their Pizzas? With this feature, you can allow your Customers to customize their food by choosing multiple toppings. Let’s understand this feature through an example. 

Wendy’s friends are coming over to have fun on Christmas Eve. And as promised, Wendy has to throw a Pizza Party because she recently received an Employment Appointment Letter from Amazon. So, she decided to Order 2 Large Pizzas – Windy City Works and Spicy Hawaiian Pizza from Uno Pizzeria & Grill near her place in Chicago. Windy City Works is a classic, topped with fresh onions, mushrooms with hardwood-smoked bacon, crumbled sausage, and Uno’s three-cheese blend. Wendy and her friends love the extra hamburger, pepperoni, and Peppers. So, she added on the three items for which she needs to pay extra. For the hamburger, she has to pay UD$1.5, for pepperoni and Peppers, US$ 1 each. This total of US$3.5 will be added to the Final Bill. 

Shop from Stores with Free Delivery Promo Codes 

Christmas is the time of treats and even the On Demand Multi Services App Owner can give one to all the Customers. They can set a Free Delivery Promo Code for a few specific stores or all the stores in the city or area. 

In this feature, the Customers get Free Deliveries but, the Store will have to bear the Delivery Cost as a part of the Marketing Strategy to Promote their Store. 

Enticing Profi-Centric Business Models 

There are two Business Models that you can grab. 

Subscription Plan 

If a Service Provider chooses Subscription Plans, they are simply bidding goodbye to pay Commission on every sale through the App. The Service Provider can select from monthly, quarterly, or Annual Plans. The Pricing of all these plans is set by the App Owner. Thus, by making this One-Time-Payment to the App Owner they no longer have to pay Commissions per Order. 

However, the plans come with an Expiry Date. And on the Expiration Day, the Service Provider cannot Receive or Accept Orders from the Customers. To avoid such a situation, the App Owner can constantly send reminders to the Service Provider for Plan Renewal. 

Commission-Based Model 

The On Demand Multi Service App also offers a Commission-Based Model. Here, the Commission Rate is set according to the different genres of the Services offered on the Platform. The App Owner earns that percentage of amount from the Service Provider every time the Service gets rendered through the App. 

For example, the Taxi Booking Service Provider has to pay 10% off the total bill, the Masseuse has to pay 12% of the total bill, or a Car Wash Service Provider has to pay 15% – for every single Order or Service Rendered through the App.


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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.