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On Demand Food Delivery App has the spot in today’s economy. Exploring new cuisines and consuming them is never going to stop. However, the manner to consume those delicious food items has changed. Earlier, it was home-cooked meals than came the hotels and restaurant era that offered a fine dining experience. People began to increase their visits to the eateries. This gave restaurants a chance to prosper by offering multi-cuisine dining. Times change, shifting customer’s behavior towards food delivery apps like Glovo.

Recently, a survey concluded that income alone generated from food delivery apps like Glovo has added up to more than $100 billion.

Now that is some number one cannot ignore. Thus, the reason behind the soaring demand for developing Glovo Clone App.

Why On-Demand Delivery App Like Glovo Is Enormous Successful Today?

The concept of an on-demand food delivery app is not new. Earlier people used to order by calling the restaurant. Now, the manner has been replaced by ordering through Glovo Clone App. Ordering food via an On-demand food delivery app is super easy and convenient. Allowing to browse the cuisine category at ease and order by using multiple payment methods is making users happy. Whether it is multiple orders from the same restaurant or different orders from multiple restaurants, the Glovo Clone App is built-in with such scalability to handle such growing demands.

Restaurants, hotels, and catering service providers are happy knowing their customers are using their service at large. Thus, they are growing their profits amidst the COVID19 Pandemic situation. It is a win-win situation for everyone. users get to enjoy their favorite meals without worrying about on and off lockdowns, restaurants and hotels can do business. Delivery drivers are earning a decent income and the appreneur is enjoying profits earned by leveraging varied revenue models.

Glovo Clone App  – Important Factors To Consider When Developing

  • Know what you are building

Just because On Demand Food Delivery Apps are trending and you should too develop one should not be the case. It is important to do thorough research. The success of developing a Glovo Clone App depends on how well you have done your research. Having researched your app market gives you better clarity of the things you feel virtually good about. Thus, incorporating them wisely will give your Glovo Clone App an edge over your competitors.

  • Get your app right

Finding the right and reliable on-demand app development company. It plays a vital role in getting your app right in the first go. Having skilled professionals working on your app project built on the latest technology removes a majority of the hassles of the app development process. The team knows what it takes to develop a successful app. Thus, they will suggest and incorporate the right elements and features ensuring that you get to start your business in a week.

  • Timely app launch

You must have a timely launching of your on-demand food delivery app. Launching in the app/play store and waiting for the first download to happen isn’t the launch we are talking about here.

Announcing the launch of your Glovo Clone App by creating marketing campaigns can be effective. Tapping your consumer’s food order-related pain points, their woes with other food delivery apps, and how Glovo Clone App removes all those challenges ensure quick downloads.

Furthermore, you can hire social media marketing influencers to promote your on demand food delivery app to spread the launch news in the market. 

  • Take reviews and keep improving

No matter how good your Glovo Clone App is, there will be something to improve. Ask your users how you can make it better through reviews and ratings. Moreover, it makes your customers feel welcomed knowing that their reviews mattered.

Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, integrating your online food delivery app solution with Multiple payment options, Real-time order tracking, Multi-language/currency, Delivery preferences as well as Advance analytics and reporting feature can lead to huge success.

New Features Of Glovo Clone App To Get Ahead In The Race

 Restaurant wise commission

Some restaurants are booming, and some aren’t getting orders at all. The admin can adjust the commission bar to raise the revenue by charging a high commission on the deliveries from the restaurants getting more orders.

Day wise separate slots

The feature gives a flexibility to take orders adjusting the time slots. For instance, some restaurants are only offering breakfast thus, they can adjust food delivery timings accordingly.

Quick item name searching

At times we are not able to locate our favorite dish in the menu. This feature helps you with quick searching by typing few letters in the search bar. Making it quick and easy.

Voice instruction for store delivery drivers

The feature allows users to put voice notes for the delivery drivers. This helps them to deliver the food packages exactly as said.

Restaurants to upload images of their kitchen

Restaurants by uploading their kitchen pictures build trust in the users knowing they are following COVID19 safety protocols.

Order cancellation for food delivery driver

The on-demand food delivery driver can reject the order delivery for any reason.

Graphical status of the order in-app notifications

 The feature enables the live status of the food ordered to the users showing via graphical icons as app notifications.

In Conclusion

A customized 100% source code Glovo Clone Delivery App solution that meets all your requirements surely sounds like a good idea. A reliable, and recommended mobile app development company in India will be able to provide you with a great value-for-money product. Moreover, you will be at ease that your app development is in the right hands and will be able to focus on its marketing strategies. Thus making it a win-win situation.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.