gigabyte aorus 17x review

The Aorus 17X is basically the more extraordinary sibling of the Aorus 15G (that we have explored previously). All things considered, it is a remarkable gaming laptop with some additional offers, not least of which is a bigger screen with 240Hz invigorate rate and 3ms reaction time.

Obviously, as a work area substitution, it’s created to offer all that you’d need from a devoted gaming system.

Indeed, the Aorus 17X is designed explicitly in light of genius gamers. That is the reason it has such genuine specs, making it fit for not just running match-ups at a high casing rate yet additionally flexible to three 4K display and as yet performing admirably.

As you would expect, this is a hot and the best gaming laptops as well, and one that is not especially acceptable at keeping a battery charge while you are away.

Powerful desktop replacement:

We’ve been scrutinizing the Gigabyte Aorus 17x in the course of recent days and you can peruse on for our decision – it’s unquestionably up there with the first class gaming computers existing, apart from everything else, except there are a lot of choices to consider in this serious market.

The Gigabyte Aorus 17x is a major, stout, hefty and generally polished laptop – trendy in the event that you like a great deal of precise lines and brilliant lights, in any case. It weighs in at 3.75 kg (8.27 pounds) however obviously this is not out of the ordinary from a gaming laptop, particularly one with so many top-end segments: you can convey it starting with one spot then onto the next without crushing your spirit, yet don’t anticipate being propping it open on the train or doing a touch of gaming on your lap in the neighborhood bistro.


The screen looks incredible from any point and there are settings that let you effectively further change the visuals inside the windows settings. This incorporates basic changes like having the option to turn an eyecare mode on make it simpler eyes relaxation also.

This size and weight accompanies its advantages, including a truly amazing 1,920 x 1,080 pixel, IPS LCD, 17.3-inch display which is a great deal. It’s splendid and sharp, and the slight edgings wherever aside from the base maintain the emphasis on your gaming.

In case you are after the absolute best specs you should push to a 4K board, however whether the additional goal is justified, despite any trouble on a laptop screen is begging to be proven wrong. Another stand-apart element here is the 240Hz invigorate rate, which means super-smooth edge rates for your gaming.


Our test laptop accompanied an eight-center tenth gen Intel Core i9-10980HK 2.4GHz processor, 32GB of RAM, 3GB of HDD/SSD memory, and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super designs card – different setups are accessible yet this is the absolute best of the best. As you would expect, execution was great, with scarcely a log jam to talk about – even with the designs settings increase as far as possible, games, for example, Firewatch and GTA V were returning near 200 casings for every second.

Gaming Performance:

This is a gaming laptop above all else – and it doesn’t disillusion in such manner in case you’re simply utilizing it with its own screen. It’s a quick invigorate board all things considered, and a genuinely huge and nearly sans panelboard one at that.

As on a portion of its other more up-to-date gaming laptops, the Auros 17x accompanies an AI motor running in the foundation intended to utilize Microsoft Azure AI to more readily oversee GPU and Central Processing Unit load. We are not actually sure how much distinction it makes, but rather you positively get a lot of alternatives with regards to tweaking your gaming system, helped by the thorough Control Center application that Gigabyte gives also.

There is a mode to compel it to consistently utilize the discrete GPU – and on top of those, Gigabyte’s restrictive AI gadget, which hypothetically supports execution. Furthermore, any mix thereof. (The standard presentation results we distribute are for the default profiles, which for this situation was Balanced.)

Battery Timing:

Battery life, as well, is very useful for a gaming laptop. I got about 4.5 hours on our real time video test, yet you can broaden that too by dropping into a lower power battery profile (our own depends on Balanced). Like the Aorus 17X, the Razer Blade 15 Advanced has a lot of intensity. Enough to fulfill most gamers and give what you have to different things as well – like video creation and expert work. It packs a lot of intensity into a lot sleeker bundle yet figures out how to do the business too.

I’m not on the need to utilize Optimus just to extract a couple of more long stretches of battery life from a powerful laptop like this, however I’m not the sort to schlep an eight or more pound framework off site just to understand email and watch YouTube. For nearly anything you’ll be doing with this consistently, you’ll need to be close to a source.

Final Words:

We have blended emotions about these, however, as they’re either satisfying to take a gander at or a pointless extra relying upon what you’re doing. Yet, you can turn them off utilizing the product. I like to run as scarcely any inessential things out of sight as could reasonably be expected, which is the reason I leave it killed. Also, subsequent to turning on the AI, the framework immediately rebooted twice in an evening for no clear explanation. While you won’t really observe tremendous increases in remaining tasks at hand which balance the dGPU and CPU, you will see a general lift.

It’s protected to state that the Aorus 17X is a beast gaming machine. If its all the same to you something a smidgen more inconvenient than different alternatives out there. But rather incline toward evidently great gaming systems then this machine is an extraordinary choice.

It’s incredible enough for nearly all that you could toss at it. Gaming, video altering, real time, working, or whatever. The expansion of simple access controls, Azure AI tech, and sheer very good quality force make this a rockin’ roller.

By Anurag Rathod

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