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How Can I Get a USA Cell Phone Numbers Database?

How Can I Get a USA Cell Phone Numbers Database?

Targeted Phone Number List is a very powerful method to grab a good amount of sales but the major problem that comes is the scam by the telemarketing data providers.

If you are new to Telemarketing/Mobile Marketing the first question that will come into your mind is how do I collect customers’ phone numbers to connect them directly?

The answer depends on your needs and business. Some people have a budget and they buy a Targeted USA Phone Number Database without caring about the Price.

But if you are new and trying your hands out in Telemarketing you should go for the data scraping tools that can find and collect thousands of customers’ phone numbers for your targeted country and industry on a daily basis.

Another major problem is the legitimacy of the Phone Number Data Extractor. Whether the Phone Number Scraper is right or not for the collection of phone numbers for marketing purposes?

For that purpose, you will need to find a good source/website to buy it.

What Is The Best Phone Number Extractor/Finder?

Although most number extractor software works the same, they have vastly different secondary features, such as:

  • Bulk phone number export
  • Auto-saving and recovery
  • Phone number extraction from websites and search engines
  • Identification of the owner of the country
  • Cell phone number extraction from social networks and local files

This means there isn’t one phone scraper that is the best fit for everyone…

And that’s why I’ve gone out of my way to review the 2 best phone number finder tools currently available on the internet — and have tested their accuracy, pricing, and other distinctive features.

(So you don’t have to.)

So instead of testing each mobile number extractor yourself, you’ll get a damn good feeling for which one is the best fit for your business just by reading this article.

They’re the tools to consider when you want to collect phone numbers for your new business or marketing campaigns.

Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Cute Web Phone Number Scraper works as a phone number finder and number extractor software. Because it’s most accurate results, Cute Web Phone Number Crawler has also won first place on the Google search results.


  • The Cell Phone Number Extractor allows you to find, extract, export, and verify as many phone numbers as you want. 
  • The Phone Number Crawler builds your cell phone number list with additional data points like first name, last name, job roles, and company names. Such information builds strong relationships with customers and increases your sales and revenue.
  • The Prospect List Export feature lets you download your contacts from Wireless Phone Number Extractor into CSV, Excel, or Text files.
  • Perhaps, the most exciting feature you get from Google Phone Number Extractor t is the ability to find phone numbers by zip codes, mobile company codes, locations, website URLs, and different keywords.
  • You can collect phone number databases for more than 195  countries using different search engines as it supports 66 search engines.
  • It saves your precious time and effort to find the phone numbers of targeted customers. 
  • It comes with 3 day free trials before purchasing with some limitations.


  • Its price is just 59.99$ for one year. 
  • It has 4.8 ratings on Google.
  • It will give more leads for your business and be 80% cheaper than buying email lists.

Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Scraper is one of the more popular emails and phone number extractor tools in the market.

Thanks to its rich database and robust algorithm that can crawl the internet to search for emails and phone numbers and extract emails and phone numbers in seconds. To use Top Lead Extractor, enter your prospects’ names and company profiles into the software and search.

The domain extension works differently. It extracts emails and phone numbers from the websites and local files in real-time.  Now, you can email and phone number data for different countries and industries by using this software without writing any line of code.


  • You can get emails, phone numbers as well as social media links from websites by using this email and phone number extractor software.
  • Email and phone number finder stores extracted databases in CSV, Excel, and Text formats.
  • It will also get your prospects’ professional information like name, job title, and social ids.
  • You can build your email database and phone number database for many countries such as the USA phone number database, UK email database, Australia Phone number database, etc.
  • The domain search feature is a quick way to find out contact information from a specific website. By typing your target company website URL on the software, it extracts all possible emails and phone numbers available on the website along with confidence scores.


  • Its price is just 79.99$ for one year.
  • It has a 3-day free trial.
  • It has 4.7 Google ratings.

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