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Pests are infamous for being pesky creatures simply because of their nature to bring nuisances to homeowners and business proprietors. Of course, they will always be seen as unwelcomed guests. When people realize their home is crawling with insects, they normally feel distressed and disgusted and their immediate reaction is to make the pests be gone for good and in the soonest possible time.

We homeowners turn to various preventive steps to protect our household from further pest infiltration. Unfortunately, our desperate efforts to get rid of those nuisances sometimes would just go down the drain. Some DIY pest control methods are not always 100% effective. Also, not all pests can be entirely eliminated at once after a single application of insecticides and other treatment options. In fact, some species of pests are simply tenacious and are even immune to chemicals. They also reproduce fast and an overblown infestation can occur before we even know it. 

Ways to Eradicate Pests Fast…Forever

When an infestation goes beyond our control, calling a pest control professional is always the ideal move. Pest control companies have the right tools and know-hows when it comes to identifying pests and conducting the right treatment procedure. They offer long-term quality solutions and services such as bed bug heat treatment, rodent control, termite extermination, and more. However, to somehow alleviate the impact of your pest problem and somehow discourage the pests from ever coming back, you may do the following steps:

Get rid of all their hiding and breeding spots

One reason that pests continue to linger around your home is the availability of plenty of sanctuaries where they can thrive and breed. Therefore, removing their hideouts means reducing their chances of survival. Clutter (i.e. unused objects, empty boxes, and old newspapers) is one thing that provides pests extra rooms to stay and hide. If you get rid of unnecessary clutter and other possible breeding sites such as standing water, then you can keep those disgusting critters at bay.

Clean your surroundings and vacuum regularly

As a follow up to tip #1, keeping your environment clean and clutter-free is the best way to prevent pests from getting comfortable living inside your home. This entails cleaning up after mess and food spills immediately as well as throwing away your trash every single day. Without the smell of food and garbage, flies, rodents, and cockroaches are less likely to stay in your property. Vacuum cleaning is also a helpful scheme as it can help suck out dust, dirt, and those sneaky bugs hiding in cracks, furniture, beddings, and upholsteries. Just make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag straightaway after cleaning and put it in an outdoor trash container well away from your home.

Seal openings and use screens

Another method to block the entry of pests is to keep your windows and doors screened. You must also cover any openings such as gaps, holes, or cracks on walls or structure. Sealing or caulking entry points surely keeps the pests away permanently. This also means you need to fix any damages on your house’s structures and on plumbing systems. As long as you deny pests any opportunity to gain access to your household, then they will have no way of entering your home on their own.

Watch out for your luggage especially when returning from travel

Always examine your suitcases and travel clothes for possible presence of bed bugs. If you stay in hotels during vacation, it is highly probable that you will get bug bugs and unknowingly bring them back home with you. Tiny crawlies like bed bugs are great hitchhikers and hitchhiking is their means of infiltrating people’s homes. If you’ve just come back from a trip, keep your luggage outdoors for a while. Let your travel stuff stay in the garage or utility areas and examine them. For washable items like clothes, washing them in hot water is a good tactic. Extreme heat kills bugs especially if you dry the items in the dryer for 20-30 minutes after washing them.

Summing up those four ways to eradicate pests, the conclusion we can arrive at is that as long as you make your home not appealing to pests, then you can deter their presence. If you take away their survival tools inside your home, then those pests will not find it comfortable staying in your household. For more guidance and advice regarding pest issues, of course calling in the pros is the wisest thing to do. Contact your local pest company immediately if you suspect a pest infestation within your property.