The rise of cryptocurrency from 0 to 30 Lakh INR

Cryptocurrency is a kind of currency that does not exist in physical form.  Cryptocurrency is launched in 2008 and after one year it is available for general public. It is open software and was made for saving the taxes that government takes over transactions. Other than Bitcoin there are many kind of cryptocurrency available in the market but the most known crypto among them is Tether, U.S. dollar coin and Ethereum.

The market of cryptocurrency is very huge yet the risk factor is also very high. Everyone is eager to learn about crypto and want to invest in it. There are some cryptocurrency that are in demand and the price of these currencies is also very high one Bitcoin is around 30 Lakh INR, one Ethereum coin price is around 2.5 Lakh all these stats are of 16th April 2022. 

If we talk about the change in technology 20 years before no one could imagine that online currency or digital currency is also available in the upcoming time and now we can see the boom of the crypto currency market. As time passes the market of crypto is increases rapidly. Small countries like Vietnam and Nigeria are leading in the list of highest transactions of crypto by a county in a year. 

When crypto started it was totally free for people but no one believes that it can grow. As time passes the market price of crypto increases and now crypto price is too high. Although there are some cheap cryptocurrency is also available but the chances of their growth is too low. 

If we listen to world leaders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates they see crypto as the next big thing they also start accepting crypto as a payment option in their companies. 

How to invest in crypto 

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency then ipint can help you with this. Ipint is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that was started by two it executives in 2018. The aim is to attract new customers across the globe. In this process one can accept crypto payments from the user and convert it into local currency. It is a very huge benefit not only for big companies but also for small businesses as they get very much benefits from it. 

As I mentioned above one can easily get their local currency in return of cryptocurrency and it is a save and secured process. All you have to do this follow the steps in the app and you can settle your currency very easily and fast. 

Is crypto safe?

Yes crypto is totally safe and secured; if we talk about the safety measures of crypto in our country then it is not illegal to invest in crypto.  The risk factor in this market of cryptocurrency is very high as compared to the other market. If you are willing to take the risk then this market is the best available option for you. 

Cryptocurrency is an open system, that can be seen by anyone at any point of time and it relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography. If you also want to buy cryptocurrency then best site to buy cryptocurrency with credit card can fulfill your dream to invest in the market of cryptocurrencies.

Although many country are still working on the process to understand crypto but yeah most of the country allows crypto as a payment option or investment. The norm for crypto is not clear for anyone as it was not managed by a government or a bank.