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Gawker Media launched io9 in 2008 as an online blog that covers a range of topics such as science & technology, entertainment, comics & graphic novels, horror & supernatural, gaming & eSports and books & literature.

What is the name of the editor of Gizmodo?

Annalee Newitz and senior associate editor Charlie Jane Anders are the editors of Gizmodo, Gawker’s technology blog, while Anders continues to manage io9. In January 2014, Newitz took over as editor in chief for Gizmodo while Anders continued managing io9.

io9 is a science fiction blog

Gawker Media’s io9 is a science fiction blog for geeks. Edited by former Wired News writer Annalee Newitz, io9 provides frequent updates, photos and infotainment in the form of news, reviews, articles, videos and other interesting tidbits.

Its features

io9 boasts some impressive tech features like an augmented reality app, virtual reality headset and even a hologram display that lets users watch sci-fi movies Gizmodo.Their website is filled with interesting facts, an expansive selection of science related products as well as an excellent blog section.

The taste of Science Friction

io9 is the perfect platform to get a taste of science fiction. Hopefully they’ll come up with more great material soon! io9 caters to everyone – from geeks to casual readers – and it’s free! Plus, sign up for their newsletter and receive a complimentary ebook!

io9 is a technology blog

io9 is a technology blog launched in 2008 by Gawker Media. The site originally focused on science fiction, fantasy, futurism, and related subjects but has since shifted to focus more on science-fiction and fantasy-based pop culture including movies, television, video games, comic books, and toys.

Founded by Annalee Newitz, a former policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and contributor to Popular Science, Wired, and New Scientist, io9 features stories on a variety of topics. Its staff includes co-founding editors Charlie Jane Anders and Kevin Kelly, as well as Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG), Graeme McMillan (Newsarama), Meredith Woerner, Alasdair Wilkins, Cyriaque Lamar, Tim Barribeau, Esther Inglis-Arkell, Lauren Davis, Robbie Gonzalez, Keith Veronese, George Dvorsky, and Lynn Peril.

In January 2014, Gawker Media promoted Newitz to editor in chief of Gizmodo and merged io9 with its technology blog. All 11 members of io9’s staff joined Gizmodo’s 22-strong team under Newitz’s overall supervision.

io9 is a gaming blog

io9 is a blog that covers an array of topics related to science fiction, fantasy and technology. As part of Gizmodo media since 2015, it started off covering these subjects but soon expanded into more general pop culture topics as well. Not only does io9 serve those interested in sci-fi or comics,

But also has plenty of articles that are career-relevant for those in these fields.

Wizards of the Coast’s announcement to update the Open Game License for Dungeons & Dragons generated a lot of feedback from creatives who were upset with WOTC’s actions. This feedback system will guide future iterations of the OGL. Moreover, io9 team has reported on other notable gaming news such as when to expect new Marvel and Star Wars releases, what’s next for DC Universe films and TV shows, and Doctor Who’s future.

io9 is a music blog

It earned itself the title as one of the best websites for geeky news and information. Readers love io9’s excellent writing and engaging style; not to mention its quirky content and dedication to supporting artists..

  1. As part of Nick Denton’s Gizmodo media empire, it quickly gained notoriety for its expertise on science fiction, technology pop culture futurism.
  2.  Furthermore the site features special sections like Geeky Reads or ReelWorld Cinema alongside several podcasts.
  3. For over a decade, io9 has been led by news editor James Whitbrook with an experienced team of contributors covering pop culture and technology news.

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