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Today, customers have a variety of options available to them which puts customer experience at the center stage. Whether it is placing an order for medicines or hiring a taxi, booking a flight, or choosing general insurance. They want seamless and continuous experience with the brands they prefer and software products they use.

With fast-pacing innovation and technology disruptions happening across the industries, companies are turning towards custom software development to cater to evolving customer needs. When developing software products, overall customer experience is the key metric to business retention and go further in the development stages.

Read this blog to know why customer experience is important for business success and how it plays an instrumental role in development.

Why is Customer Experience Crucial for Businesses?

An experience journey starts when a customer encounters a company’s products and services. It counts every interaction that a customer has with a brand and covers everything from marketing to sales and customer service.

As customer experience revolves around how a business interacts and engages with its customers, it has become a crucial factor in the product development strategy.

According to a Zendesk Trends’ report, 50% customers will turn to other brands if they get a single bad experience with the brand.

A good overall customer experience is a key differentiator which drives customer adoption and competitive advantage.

Focus on Customer Experience in the Software Development Process

Your business success depends on how happy your customers are. Most of the companies these days have become customer-centric to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world. Let’s take a close look at how software professionals are translating customer experience into their product strategy.

Prioritize User Experience

The very first thing to incorporate in your development is establishing a visual consistency across all the touch points of a user’s buyer journey. Ease of navigation and loading speed are also some crucial factors to consider while building an engaging UX. User feedback is another important aspect in the process of custom software development. Capturing high-quality user interaction data can help software developers to better understand your customer behaviors. Above than that, the user feedback data also helps them enhance user engagement at the most impactful moments. It is important to loop in customers back on feedback as this level of engagement keeps maintaining user loyalty.

One great example is David Zwirner, a leading contemporary art gallery in the US, that has created an amazing virtual experience for their customers to explore art in a more seamless and personalized manner. Icreon team has helped the company to build their digital experience by thoroughly understanding their customer needs and preferences. The application is built on Sitecore platform to deliver a consistent digital experience to its users. 

Act Promptly on Customer Feedback

Gathering feedback does not finish while translating a project into an appealing UI. It is an ongoing yet continuous process that must align with the agile process of software development. You should collect data and understand customers as the product goes into further iterations along with changes based on previous feedback. It is always crucial to iterate quickly to enhance CX because customers do not like to wait.

In fact, customers need updates and new releases or status on further version on an everyday basis. So, it’s good to have your customers in the process.

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Go Forward with Insights

There is no point in having a large userbase if your customers are not happy with your software product. Instead, consider an insight-driven approach to get to know customer behavior patterns. Customers prefer your products because they find out some value in it. Put emphasis on the sources that are driving unique value. What does the data actually mean in terms of improving project? What does it represent about how customers interact with your brand? All such insights are valuable to drive the software development forward with new iterations followed by feature updates and improvements.       

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Set Organization Objectives Around Customer

Teams associated with software development must collaborate with high level members of the C-suite to focus on a singular vision of how the company can engage more with the customer and retain them for a longer time. The CMO level executives should get involved and collaborate as the marketing function plays a crucial role in engaging with customers. Further, the IT department needs to implement this vision by integrating technology and computing capabilities.

With the advancement in technology happening at a much faster rate, CTOs put the right strategy in place to execute the project in the right direction. CTOs make sure that the entire team should follow an agile mindset and proceed in innovative ways to enhance customer experience. Removing bottlenecks from the siloed processes and adopting company-wide collaboration are some better ways to accelerate the development process.  

Summing Up

Above all, customers’ expectations grow every day. And customer-facing brands should go in parallel to cater to those evolving demands. Technology players should focus on creating strong customer-focused vision and adopt agile mindset to collaborate amongst the team organization-wide.  

With the right-mindset, consistent feedback inclusion and improvement, your team can build software that defines the future of customer experience.

About the Author

Paul Miser is the Chief Strategy Officer of Icreon, a digital solutions agency and Acceleration Studio. He is also the author of Digital Transformation: The Infinite Loop – Building Experience Brands for the Journey Economy. 

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