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7 Fun Things To Do In Anchorage?

7 Fun Things To Do In Anchorage?

Anchorage is a gathering spot for youthful spirits and daring souls. Alaska activities include renowned animals, breathtaking mountain panoramas, intriguing civilizations, and ice-blue glaciers. Anchorage is a memorable destination because it combines metropolitan luxury with unparalleled natural beauty. Alaska Airlines reservations connect all major cities to this beautiful place Anchorage.


Anchorage, for the most part, is all about adventure. With so many natural beauties and harsh landscapes right on the doorstep of Alaska’s largest city, it would be blasphemy to travel without seeing at least one of them. The Chugach Mountains are one of the greatest places to experience that outdoorsy bliss for yourself. While you may not be in the mood for real mountaineering this time, seeing Turnagain Pass is feasible with or without equipment. Drive down the Seward Highway for stunning views of the mountains and, if you’re lucky, beluga whales out at sea. Book your tickets through Alaska Airlines Flights Booking and pack your bags.

Earthquake Park

Earthquake Park is dedicated to the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. The park exemplifies this, with its sheer drop-off to the sea and strange rippling hills. It will also inform you how the massive earthquake-affected Anchorage and Denali may even be seen from here on a clear day. It includes educational signs around the region that explain the terrain’s geology before, during, and after the earthquake.

Reindeer dog

Hot dogs tell a lot about a place, and this most iconic American food has taken on a very Alaskan flavor in this city. Try this local delicacy and participate in one of the finest things to do in Anchorage for foodies. They’re also topped with a Coca-Cola-glazed onion.

One of the best venues to test out the reindeer dog is at Red Umbrella Reindeer, a family-run establishment, or perhaps Yeti Dogs.

Wildlife cruise

Take a wildlife cruise around Resurrection Bay and keep an eye out for whales, puffins, sea otters, and other beautiful species. This city is all about getting out into nature to explore what species and amazing scenery. There are to view, thus visiting the Kenai Fjords is one of the must-do activities in Anchorage.

You’ll get to view some stunning natural landscapes if you set off from Seward Harbor aboard any of a variety of purpose-built boats. Our favorites are when porpoises chase the boat or when we witness sea otters balancing their pups on their tummies.

The Alaska Resources Library

In Anchorage, there is a library that is unlike your typical library. The Alaska Resources Library and Information Services is the name of the organization. The taxidermy is of Alaskan animals, which we think makes more sense. Around the library, which is more like a museum, you may look at the taxidermy behind glass, ranging from bears to musk ox.

Ghost homes

One of the more unique things to do in Anchorage is to visit one of its ghost homes. In Eklutna, not far from the city center. One of these is the spirit homes, which are essentially tombs. The Athabasca people, who had previously practiced cremation, began burying their dead with a blanket on top to soothe the soul.

The nearby Athabasca people blended their indigenous beliefs with those of the Orthodox church, resulting in an intriguing mash-up of traditions. The adorned home is then set on top, and nature is allowed to take its course. Don’t forget to apply promo codes and offers at the time of Alaska Airlines tickets Booking.

Matanuska Glacier

You don’t get to walk around a glacier every day, so this is one of the more intriguing things to do in Anchorage. So gather your belongings and go out to view Matanuska Glacier. Check-in at the Glacier Office before heading to the Glacier House for breathtaking views of the glacier. Take the Glenn Highway and then wind your way up the Matanuska Valley. You’ll be able to sled around the glacier, view part of the glacier’s famous blue ice, and be in awe at how big and strong glaciers are.

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