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Have you ever thought about just how much of your life depends on your brain health? At any given moment, your brain uses more than 100 billion neurons to process thoughts and actions. Without it, you wouldn’t have any self-awareness, nor would you be able to perform basic bodily functions!

Yet, according to research, the average brain begins to exhibit cognitive decline as an individual enters their 20s. For starters, 60 percent of Americans are expected to develop some form of a brain ailment during their life!

It is imperative to ensure that you maintain and improve your brain health throughout your life. It turns out there are various brain exercises and games that will help you in doing so. Many sites have such games, just like Unlimited Gamez MO.

Here are the top fun brain training games for you to try.

Moles in Holes

Playing strategy games is an excellent way of improving brain health. According to research conducted by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, those who play strategy games tend to exhibit faster information processing speed and can allocate more cognitive focus to visual stimuli.

One strategy game that can be fun and a great workout for the brain is Moles in Holes. Available in an online gaming platform called Unlimited Gamez Mo, this game revolves around creating a path for the mole to reach its food.

Sounds simple right? Well, there are multiple moles involved, and no two paths can overlap. Hence, players must strategize and think ahead to create a plan that allows all the hungry moles to find their way towards their respective food sources.

As the levels progress, the game becomes more challenging, requiring more focus and quicker problem-solving skills. However, the achievable difficulty levels ensure that players don’t give up and are tempted to follow through with the game.


For those who wish to boost their short-term and working memory, you might want to give Sudoku a try. The chances are that you are already well-aware of the game. After all, Sudoku puzzles have been a staple game for many for decades!

Even if you don’t know about it, it is quite simple to learn. This number placement game relies on your ability to plan ahead and think of the consequences of each number you place. For starters, when you place a 6 in a box, you need to think ahead about the placement of other numbers.

Hence, the game helps in improving both concentration and short-term memory. You don’t necessarily have to rely on online channels for a good game of Sudoku. This is because it is often found in newspapers. Similarly, you can do your own puzzle on a piece of paper. If not, there are always free apps available online!


Yes, Lumosity is not exactly a game. But, it is impossible to make a list of brain training games and not include Lumosity! After all, it is considered to be the one who started it all! Currently, it is being used by over 85 million people around the world.

There are over 50 mini-games within the app, each of which targets and improves varying cognitive functions, including attention, speed, problem-solving, flexibility, and attention. It is quite hard to pick any one of them as the best game within the app. You need to play it all to truly enjoy the brain training experience.

The best thing about each of the games is that it is the work of over 100 researchers. Hence, it is backed by research to be fruitful for boosting brain health. While some of the games offered are free, most of them require you to sign up for the app’s premium version.


One thing that most grandparents and adults love to do is do crosswords off of newspapers. Well, now, research proves that crosswords are the perfect game for maintaining brain health.

Crosswords don’t just require accessing words from your memory. Instead, it taps into various dimensions of knowledge. Apart from the traditional crosswords found in newspapers and books, now, you can also solve crosswords online.

The good thing about online crosswords is that they are limitless. If you find one to be too easy, you can count on the next one to be a tad difficult, and so on. So, for people who have already mastered the task of doing one crossword puzzle a day, you might want to try the online version to feel more challenged.


That’s right! A card game can help in improving your brain health. And there are various researches out there that back this theory. A study by the University of Sterling proved that playing Bridge helps improve reasoning skills and short-term and long-term memory.

Bridge teaches players the power of logic, concentration as well as collaboration. Since you need at least four people to play the card game, it can also be an excellent way to keep your social circle alive.

What does the game entail? You need four players, a deck of 52 cards, and a scorepad.

After forming teams of two, the dealer distributes 13 cards each of every player. The players then place bids before proceeding to play the game to outstrip the bids of the other team. The game rules can be quite complicated on paper and may require a detailed article of its own!

Fit Brains

Another platform worth visiting when you are out on the lookout for brain training games is Fit Brains. Like Lumosity, picking only 60 brain training games offered within the app would be quite challenging.

Apart from 60 games, the app features over 500 customized training programs. Each of these elements has been developed with the help of neuroscientists.

The distinctive thing about this app is that apart from targeting cognitive functions, it also targets emotional intelligence, including self-control, along with social and self-awareness.

One of the most thrilling games within the app is Speedy Sorts, whereby players have to quickly arrange objects onto the right piles. Once you are done playing the game, you are provided with a cognitive score that you can compare with other users.

Additionally, there is a dedicated package solely for school-going children. This school edition is tailored to meet the needs of children rather than adults.

Ending Remarks

Brain training games are all around you. Whether it be a competitive game of chess, a challenging word puzzle, or a classic battle of scrabble, anything that requires you to concentrate and use your brain will consequently help improve brain functions.

The six games we mentioned above are either scientifically proven to help or are easier to play while living a hectic life. Make sure to include them in your daily life to begin your brain workout.

However, at the same time, don’t just be limited to them. Play as many brain games as you want to. Regardless of what methods and games you use, just make sure that your actions improve your brain health!

Are there any specific games that helped you? Let us all know by commenting below.

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