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Learning French is a great experience. Speaking English makes it even easier. You will benefit from knowing French fluently if there are 220 million native speakers worldwide. This does not even require you to travel. French lessons are available online, wherever you are. What information should you look for when choosing a site? Fortunately for you, we have tested and proven some of the best French tutoring programs available online. You can learn French fluently online with these top French language courses.

Henry Harvin language Academy

Henry Harvin’s reputation for excellence and innovative teaching methods has made the institution a leading teaching institution. Online French classes for career-minded students are available at Henry Harvin. Through its training program, the organization aims to make its employees feel competent and to enhance their skills.

Course Duration

It is important to note that each level has a specific duration in the French language. During this course, students learn French grammar as well as vocabulary. By taking this course, students will be able to improve their French skills as well as learn grammatical concepts and vocabulary. During the course, participants can speak the language fluently and write a wide range of texts.

A1 -The beginner level- Students will learn the basic vocabulary of the French language, greetings, and introductory grammar, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, and plurals. There are 30 hours of instruction in this course, and the fee is INR 8999.

Level A2- The Beginner‘s level- Participants will learn to express, compare, determine a chronology, and express certainty. The course lasts for 30 hours, and the fee is INR 8999.

B1- The intermediate level- The participants will work on writing, reading, and listening skills at this level. Participants will learn how to form sentences in French. There are 40 hours of instruction, and the fee is INR11999.

B2- Upper – Intermediate level- Students in this level will learn about the French dialects and texts with complex structures. This class will teach students how to explain complex concepts in French and create long speeches in French. The course will take 40 hours. There is a cost of INR 11999 for this course.

C1- Advanced – The participants at this level are taught how to decipher implicit meaning in longer texts. Participants at this level will learn to speak clearly and concisely. There is a fee structure of INR14999 for this course, and it requires 40 hours of study.

C2-proficiency-The candidates were able to comprehend almost anything they read or heard. As you collect information, you should consult a variety of sources, both written and oral. The course fee is 14999 and the course duration is 40 hours


  1. In the internship program of Henry Harvin, many French language skills were gained. 
  2. The boot camp sessions will continue for the next 12 months. 
  3. Students enrolled in French language course receive one-year Gold Memberships to Henry Harvin Language Academy. 
  4. Members have access to an exclusive learning management system from anywhere.
  5. The faculty members have 15 years of experience. 
  6. They are industry veterans and the most renowned in the field. 
  7. The company’s work has been recognized by many organizations as well as training partners.  
  8. Henry Harvin Language Academy’s domain experts present over 350 lectures.
  9. Every week, the participant will receive more than ten job vacancies. Participants can apply for them and land their dream jobs. 

2. Learn French with Alexa 

Alexa is a French teacher who guides you on your journey to learning French with energy, enthusiasm, and humor. You learn the language the way it’s spoken now through a series of recorded video lessons which cover vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. 

The examples used by Alexa are written on the screen, so visual learners get the cues they need to learn. In addition, you can practice and test your knowledge thanks to an online quiz in each lesson. You also have the option to download the audio file of the lesson, as well as the PDF support guide.  


  • Great for aural and visual learners
  • Live training sessions with the teachers twice a month 
  • The casual, energetic style of the teacher

3. Duolingo

French is the most popular language in Duolingo. It does not have a single course. It provides basic to advanced French-speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Games are used to provide learning materials, which allow the participant to earn virtual coins and unlock more levels. 


  1. The students can learn and review vocabulary and terms related to people, food, and places. 
  2. The information in Duolingo is tailored to the students’ learning styles.
  3.  This allows the participant to improve their French skills very quickly since they get immediate feedback on their performance.
  4.  Users of this App can learn new skills with great flexibility. 
  5. For easy access, all course materials are online in the app. Levels range from beginner to advanced.


To help you learn French, Frenchtoday uses the power of stories. The courses are based on audiobooks designed to teach grammar, new French words, and contemporary pronunciation as you listen to a story. There are three reading speeds available (slow, enunciated, and regular) that will allow you to get used to the material. 

Four levels are available (beginners, intermediates, upper-intermediates, and advanced). Both audiobooks and transcripts accompany each level of the program, so it is suitable for both visual and aural learners. 

For people who prefer to study at their own pace, Frenchtoday is a great option. As an added service, students can also schedule a session with a teacher online. They don’t offer that as part of their core offering, however, and they have only a few tutors, so they are limited in their flexibility and capacity. 


  • Studying on your own is great
  • English explanations are provided
  • There are three levels of reading speed

5 . Coursera course

The Coursera course is an intermediate course aimed at students who are going to study in France. Furthermore, every aspect of French is covered, from oral and written 

Comprehension of oral and written expression, to vocabulary, to grammar. Six detailed lessons are included in the course. 


  1. Lessons take approximately 7-8 hours to complete, which is quite a long time. 
  2. Studying French online is an enchanting experience.
  3.  Participants can learn French in a variety of formats, such as texts and videos.
  4.  Their education system and French culture are taught to them. 
  5. Free and flexible courses are available to them. 
  6. Intermediate-level education is provided to them.


A language can only be learned by reading books and watching videos. You can become fluent in French by taking French lessons from experienced tutors. That is the philosophy behind Preply, a platform that allows you to connect with tutors and take 1-on-1 video conversation classes tailored to your needs.

Your tutor should be a good match for your schedule, your budget, and your profile. You can then work out a study plan together and experience the first session with them. It is like having a language coach who is committed to taking you (rather than a class full of others) from the fundamentals of French to advanced levels.

Get answers to your questions about French culture and the French language with Preply. 


  • A great way to practice your spoken French
  • Create your classes with a tutor who knows what you need
  • An international selection of tutors 

Babbel’s Advance course

Babbel’s courses consist of multiple lessons for each class. Classes are categorized according to subject and level. Beginner courses can be found within many categories. The course will enable learners to develop strong language skills by building a solid understanding of the language. During this course, the learner reads aloud dialogue and takes skills tests to assess his or her knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Babbel offers a variety of online courses.


  1.  You can take this course whenever it is convenient for you. 
  2. When and where the course is taken is up to the learner. 
  3. The short lessons can easily be accessed through Babbel’s smartphone app. 
  4. Learning is at an advanced level.

8. Frantastique 

Learning French with Frantastique is all about having fun as you learn. Your daily mailbox contains a lesson containing videos, texts, dialogues, and exercises in French. To complete it, you will need between 15 and 20 minutes. Afterward, you will receive an email with your test results, explanations, and scripts of the dialogues and videos. 

Unlike boring, dusty schoolbooks, the content is modern and entertaining. Instead, the AI engine creates your content based on your preferences and test results. It is possible to receive up to five lessons per week, and there are three different types of monthly subscriptions (Basic, Premium, and Pro).


  • An everyday learning approach that is bite-sized works well
  • AI-based content personalization
  • It’s a fun, immersive experience!

9. Elementary French I

An Open Learning Initiative from Carnegie Mellon University offers a complete course in French for beginners. Furthermore, it is designed to assist new French learners in advancing their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the French language. There are multiple types of exercises in each lesson, including recognition, grammar, and pronunciation.


  1.  In addition to audio recordings, videos, and exams, learners can learn from audio recordings and videos. 
  2. There are many activities in this online French course.
  3.  There are 15 lessons in this lengthy course. 
  4. A semester is required to complete this course.
  5.  There are online course materials, so the learner can work independently at his or her own pace. The program is very flexible. Learning levels are at a beginner level.

10. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 is a good option for any aural learner looking for audio (and some video) content. With this platform, you will speak French from the first lesson, focusing on practical topics. Visual learners will appreciate the transcripts and notes. 

There are considerably fewer features in the Basic subscription compared to the Premium and Premium Plus plans. Premium members have access to an array of resources, including vocabulary lists, flashcards, and voice recording tools that allow them to hear how they sound next to native speakers.  

This is a great resource for learning French, but the fact that you can skip content may not work well for learners who like to follow a clear path. 


  • Listening skills are emphasized
  • Includes a variety of topics, including culture
  • This is a great deal for a lot of content


If you want to learn French, you can follow certain steps. You should find out what works best for you when learning a language. Which methods motivate, focus, and discipline you best? You’ll have to try them out!

We hope that our list of French language course in Delhi will provide you with enough resources to get started and aid you in your journey to fluency! 

By Anurag Rathod

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