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Flutter App Development: Examining the Pros and Cons

Flutter App Development: Examining the Pros and Cons

Flutter app development might be new for many developers and mobile development companies, but it sure has created a lot of buzz among the developers and designers. The Flutter is a Google toolkit introduced in the year 2017, and it is backed up by the community of developers in Google. The Flutter is under constant development and advancement; therefore, it is here to stay for a long time.

Flutter has won developers hearts’ because of its high-quality and high-speed mobile applications with great visuals and designs. 

Any experienced developer from a  good Flutter App Development Company, who is fluent in the dart programming language, can quickly develop and build exceptional flutter applications that exhibit native performance.

Further getting to know Flutter, it is a cross-platform framework which is used to develop and build mobile app solutions in both android and iOS applications. It makes the development process smooth and fast. Here are some pros and cons in using the Flutter for application development.

Advantages of Flutter Application Development

Fast development process

Flutter enables the developers and designers to develop and launch applications in various platforms rapidly. The developers only need to code once, and it can be used for both android and iOS applications in simple words it uses only single code-base.

The use of hot reloading option allows the developers to immediately work on the app development even when some changes are being made; they are quickly implemented because of hot-reloading option.

Easy quality testing

Using Flutter, the Flutter application development company can do fast quality assurance testing as developers do not have to write two separate code for android applications and iOS applications because Flutter only uses a single code-base.

Therefore the testing team have to write test codes only once, and this enables the businesses to save a lot of cost and time. Quick quality testing is one of the significant advantages of the Flutter app development.

Flutter is excellent to development MVPs

The minimum viable product (MVP) is an essential aspect for any businesses to try and check the application before investing in the full mobile app development. It is also a way to find funding from investors, as they also like to see some visual results instead of some app idea on a paper.

The MVPs created with Flutter have attractive UI/UX designs, easily adjustable and produces an excellent platform for the users to see the trail for your products and services.

There are still many advantages of using Flutter like great visuals and designs, and only the same code can be used for multiple platforms. But here are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Using Flutter

In the flutter development environment, the developer can find some difficulties such as not have enough libraries and limitations in accessing some libraries which may restrict having some features in the app. Flutter does not support the web apps, and people are working on it. Another major disadvantage is that Flutter needs more improvements and changes as it a new developing platform; it is yet to go through some modifications.

In conclusion, Flutter framework allows developers to build and launch a high-quality application within a short time. 

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