The SD card you have inserted into your smartphone to increase storage can sometimes become a problem. It may show an error message, the show SD card has been removed unexpectedly ‘or removed SD card has been removed, insert a new one every time you use your Android phone’. You can also have a look at how to clear an sd card simultaneously.

Caution Before Reading Further:

  • Do not attempt to save any more data on your SD card, as overwriting can cause permanent loss of photos stored on it.
  • Do not attempt to put an error showing the SD card on another device.

How To Fix To ‘sd Card Unexpectedly Deleted’ Error On Your Android Phone

  • Method 1: reinsert sd card
  • Method 2: Unmount the SD Card
  • Method 3: Format the SD card
  • Method 4: Restore Factory Settings

Method 1: Reinsert Sd Card

Displaying the phone’s SD card again may fix the error. Turn off your phone before you remove your SD card from your phone. Now turn it back on again and insert the SD card again.

The error ‘SD card has been unexpectedly removed’ should no longer appear.

Method 2: Unmount the SD Card

Unmounting the SD card and then rebooting your phone sometimes can definitely fix the issue in almost all cases. Steps to fix the SD card unexpectedly correct the error using the SD card ‘:

1. Click Settings> Storage> Unmount SD Card.

2. Then next you have to remove the SD card from your phone.

3. Reboot the phone.

4. Re-enter the card.

5. Go to Settings> Storage and choose Mount SD Card.

The SD card error should now be fixed.

Method 3: Format the SD card

If the above methods do not help, your card may have bad or corrupt areas that are causing the error. Try to format the SD card on your phone or PC. Although formatting will erase all files from your SD card, it is recommended for the health of a corrupt SD card.

Even a healthy SD card must be formatted regularly and then used. However, always back up archived files before formatting.

Prefer to format your SD card on your Android phone. If that does not help, you can opt for a Windows format utility.

Method 4: Restore The Factory Settings:

A factory reset erases all information and data stored on your smartphone. This restores the device to the original manufacturer’s settings. If none of the above methods fix an SD card error, you can try resetting a factory as a last resort.

Step Into The Factory To Reset Your Smartphone

  • Go to your phone’s Settings> Personal> Backup and reset.
  • Enter a PIN, pattern, or password, if necessary.
  • In the Personal Data section, select Factory Data Reset <Reset Phone.
  • When the process is complete, restart your phone and restore your backup data.

How to recover photos from sd card that recover unexpected ‘deleted error’ message

Even if the phone calls for the SD card to be removed, you can reinstall the lost photo from it. Stellar Photo Recovery is advanced software that works on all types of corrupt and inaccessible memory cards.

Step-by-step: How To Recover Photos From Sd Card That Give ‘unexpectedly Deleted Error’ Message

  • Download, install and launch the trial * version of Stellar Photo Recovery on your PC or Mac.
  • Connect the phone SD card to the computer via a card reader.
  • Select the checkbox for photos in the Recover window (you can also recover video and audio files).
  • Select your SD card from the location window. Click on scan.
  • Click Recover.
  • After the scan is complete, preview all your recoverable photos.
  • Enter the activation key. If you do not have an activation key, choose to Get it now.
  • Activate the photo at your desired location and click Save.

Final Thoughts

Android SD card is a convenient way to increase mobile storage capacity. But errors like SD card were unexpectedly removed ‘photos and other files can be stored on it.

You can fix the error with the methods given above while inaccessible photos can always be retrieved with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery in no time. The software works on a microSD card or SD card used in Samsung, Vivo, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and other brands of Android phones. Restoring all photos is easy to use and quick to circumvent SD card errors.

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