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Clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories have the power to build your personality. But one thing that can add that extra bling to your appearance is jewellery. A small change in your jewellery can transform your look completely. 

Adding a bracelet, earring, ring or statement necklace to your casual or formal outfit will make a big difference. If you are daring enough to play with your looks, a whole new world of abstract jewellery is waiting out there just for you. All you have to do is to keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends. 

Modern jewelry is not what you have always seen in movies, old TV shows or grandma’s jewellery box, it’s a blend of art and style, preferably more of modern art. A lot of experimentation has been done in this field so far including designs, metals, materials, and gemstones. 

Some trends manage to hold their rank in trends for the longest time while most of them keep changing now and then. From classic timeless pieces to vintage and antique jewellery, a lot of new trends are creating a lot of buzz across the internet. The trends are not just confined to standard gold, platinum or silver jewellery now. Let’s just discuss these trends and decide what kind of jewelry is worth making a room in your jewellery box. 

Layering Necklaces & Pendants:

Layering is a great idea to express the ideologies in your mind altogether. Be it your clothes or your jewellery, layering up different metals, crystals, chains with or without patterns, pendants or gemstones all depends on the mood of the event. 

One thing you must keep in mind is to never overdo this trend. Choose the minimalist designs or patterns in chains or necklaces to follow this trend. Chunky long necklaces need to be layered with some petite chains. Mix and match are going strong in trends, so be free to layer different lengths or patterns.

Sleek Gold Bracelets:

Bored of chunky necklaces and heavy earrings, you can always switch to a genuine jewellery piece that can define your style quotient just like that. Yes! Bracelets are all you need to transform your everyday look with just a single piece. 

The internet and jewellery stores are full of striking minimalist, vintage and art deco designs. When choosing the metal, yellow gold is never gonna go out of trend. Moreover, the sleek gold bracelets are more fun to play with and more appropriate for layering too. 

Earring Stacks:

Stacking and layering have all gone up to the next level. This year has seen an introduction of some outstanding earpieces. Feel free to stack up your ears with hoops for the start at your lowest ear-piercing and add up your diamond studs or small huggy earpieces to the following ear piercings. Yes, of course, this trend is feasible for people with multiple piercings. For people with single piercings, drop earrings or bold hoops with ear cuffs and crawlers is the best option. 

Multiple Rings:

Love for rings is to bloom more with the multiple rings trend in the year 2022. Whether it be your engagement ring or just another jewellery piece, stacking rings are loved by everyone.

The eternity band, zodiac sign rings, personalised rings, vintage rings, signet rings, diamond rings or any kind you can think of, all are suitable for stacking. 

Just keep the balance by wearing chunky ones on one hand and the stacked minimalist rings on the other. Go for the colourful sparkling gemstones for a playful look.

Timepieces With a Twist:

Not into jewellery much, watches are your type of accessory. The big brands like Hermes, Cartier, IWC, Charles Oudin, Apple and many others have come up with twists on the classic timepieces. These watches are more than just a time-telling machine now and speak a lot about your personality. The brands have diverse options in their collection based on seasons, luxury, style, and all other important features you look for.

Contemporary Chain:

Make a classic addition to your jewellery wardrobe with chunky gold contemporary chains. The designer has upped the fashion game with chain links, diamond-embellished on the clasps or in between the link. These style statements chain link white gold, rose gold or platinum chains look super chic with your long silhouettes, pencil dresses and even your casual ready-to-go outfits.

Colourful Jewelry:

Leave the standard jewellery behind and get some colour to your life and personality with unconventional bright, playful gemstones,  or enamel-coated jewellery items. Look out for eye-catching hues to make you stand out in the crowd. Whether it be your pendants, rings, earrings, or even your timepieces, all are available in pastels, bold spectrum colours, and geometric designs. You can ditch the crystal clear diamonds and go for rubies, turquoise, sapphires, and emeralds for a change.

Silvery Jewelry:

Silver jewellery has never been out of trend. This metal may have seen slow publicity among the GenZ but silver jewellery has managed to rule the jewellery world for centuries. For the sake of history, dig into the new upcoming development in this world of jewellery metal. You will be amazed to see the unlimited affordable options in this category. Silver jewellery is now available for personalised designs too. Give it a try and you will fall in love with its lustre and shine. Start with the earrings and customised rings, and thank us later.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.