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It is considered as one of the cult moments when Kim Kardashian showed off her 2013 cushion cut diamond engagement ring. A moment, when everyone was in awe!

The 15-carat ring presented as the true work of art!

However, in the place of diamond, Rubies might not be the first stone that can be adhered on the engagement ring. But Rubies are the one with long history of symbolizing love, passion, courage and protection. So, the more you turn over the pages, you will see ruby as distinguished as it can ever be with being one of the favorites of kings and queens, making it most definitely suitable as an engagement ring. Besides who doesn’t want to flash their fingers and show the touch of royalty?

Why choose Ruby? Why indeed! When it comes to feel fresh, modern and classy, Ruby engagement rings are completely in track with the untraditional ring styles that modern brides yearn for. From exceptional settings to contemporary shapes of gemstone Jewelry, Rubies are the one you r heart should go for.

While other precious gems are softer than diamond, rubies are resilient and perfectly suitable to use in the gemstone rings, making it an excellent choice as engagement rings.

Rubies also considered as one-of-a-kind rings that can reflect your personality. It is to be said that one should choose a ring with which you can intuitively connected with. There are people who prefer vibrant-colored gemstone rings. So, take a note of this advice, follow you intuition and you can never go wrong!

What to look in a Ruby Engagement Ring?

There are few questions that might bother you while choosing “That One Ruby Ring”. For example, what stone cut works best with Rubies? What settings and metals work best with Rubies? Is there any other types of rubies you can choose from? But you need to calm down first to find the answer. Let’s go with the first question, the most common cut for a ruby is round or oval. 

With this cut the Ruby brings out a deeper shade of red. Also, being a versatile gemstone Rubies offer strength, comes second in hardness to diamond and moissanite. Next, if you want to choose colors ruby ranges from pink to orange to of course red! But all shades are unique in their way, therefore it all comes down to the personal preference while choosing the type of ruby.

Be Careful with Your Precious!

Gemstone fashion Jewelry stores generally advice to clean the rings with the help of the professionals. But if you choose the simple cleaning at home, use the dish soap in warm water and soak the ring for five minutes and then with soft-bristled baby brush clean the stone or the settings.

With the red color a Ruby Engagement ring may represent the desire, but it is also known as the stone of nobility. So, instead of choosing the old traditional diamonds, go for something new. Bet, it won’t disappoint you.

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By Anurag Rathod

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