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Multi-Service Gojek Clone App is selling like Hot-Cakes in the On-Demand Service Industry because it is one such E-Commerce Giant virtual platform wherein Users can shop anything and everything right from one Place. It is such a blessing for the Customers because with one Single Login, they can Book Taxi Rides, Order Chicken Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Black Eyed Peas, Schedule an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, and get Classic External Car Wash for your Toyota Corolla, avail Services of a Beautician for Bridesmaids’ Makeup and so much more.


They no longer need to download hundreds of different Apps that satiate only one demand at a time and end up eating up the Storage Space of their Smartphones! Now they have a Powerful Gojek like App that provides a Myriad of Services with Instant Delivery.


a. Instant Taxi Ride Booking using iWatch

The App User can make use of this State-of-the-Art Feature by first connecting one’s iPhone with the Apple Smart Watch and ensuring that both the smart gadgets have constant Internet Connectivity. Now, the App User has to download a Riders’ App on the iPhone. Simultaneously, a Taxi Booking iWatch App will get automatically installed on the SmartWatch! Now the Rider can go ahead and book Taxi Rides using one’s iWatch. They can even pay online using their Apple Smartwatches! As soon as the Ride is booked, the iWatch Screen will display the Taxi Drivers’ Name and Face along with the Car Model and Number Plate Details.

b. Let’s go crazy with Hot Dog Customizations

Ethan has just gotten done with his Second Part-Time Job while studying Medicine with Full Scholarship at Columbia University. On his Bus-Ride back home where his distant cousin Amanda lives with her Husband, he opens his Gojek Clone App and orders Two Pork-Based Hot Dogs with a Sesame Seed Buns, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Mustard, chopped onions, Tomato, Pickled Peppers and Celery Salt and Extra Ketchup!

This feature has revolutionized the Online Food Industry because people no longer have to stick to the standard and boring Recipes and can go crazy with the customization of each and every single Component of the Dish! For example, Ethan could have gone for All-Beef Frankfurter on a Poppy Seed Bun but he chose otherwise!

c. Not allowing Taxi Drivers/Delivery Executives to charge an exorbitant amount as “Waiting Charges” 

The App Owner has changed the settings after logging into the Admin Panel using Valid Credentials and has now set the distance to be 20 Metres before which the Taxi Driver/Delivery Executive cannot click on the “Arrived” Icon on the App. 

This has completely annihilated the space for the Delivery Drivers to trick the Customers/Users into paying High Waiting Charges by often arguing with them and harassing them that it is their fault that they haven’t put in the accurate Pick-Up/Drop Off Location and because of which a lot of their precious time has been wasted! The guilt the Customers into paying these Charges that they lost out on at least 2-3 Rides which he was forced to miss because of them.

Although, in reality, the Taxi Driver/Delivery Executive is at least a mile away from the Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location! To put a stop to these fraudulent activities, the App Owner has made the required changes.

d. GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent that Protects Online Privacy Rights of the Users gojek clone app

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation has given a befitting reply to the Barbaric misuse of Users’ Personal Data and Browsing History Details by Corporate Giants. Now, before the User leaves the Website, a Cookie Consent Box Pops-Up on the Screen that asks the user if they want the Browsing History to be permanently deleted. Apps like Gojek strictly follow the Guidelines issued by the GDPR!


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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.