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Content is making people reach the top of fame from nowhere. Video creation and sharing apps like YouTube & TikTok are more than entertainment now. They have helping individuals and organizations to make money. When something is entertainment + business, it can surely interest many who might or might not be interested in creating video content.

Business enthusiasts can use video creation and sharing apps to earn significant amount of user engagement which can ultimately transform into good revenues. There are plenty of organizations who ask third-party app developers to develop video creation and sharing apps for them. Once the app is developed, the client can manage the application completely from their end including its key operations like content publishing, authorization & permissions, marketing, revenues, security and all other aspects.

In this blog post, I shall walk you through the fundamental features a top-class video creation and sharing app must have.


iOS is more popular and secure. Android has a large user-base and is popular, too. Which one should you go for developing your video creation and sharing app? The answer is, make it cross-platform. It does not mean that I am advising you to develop a hardcore hybrid application that would run across platforms because it might definitely be runnable on more than one platform but are always less efficient.

It is the best to try creating app for iOS and Android. You can make native apps for each platform that are comparably more effcient and sustainable but in case you have less budget or time, you can use cross-platform app frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter, etc.


The number of people using Android platform is much larger than those using iOS or macOS. Thus, for any aspiring business, the emphasis should be Android if considered on the basis of user-base.

It is the reason why two most popular applications of this kind, YouTube and TikTok, are available for all kind of devices. By keeping your application device-independent, you provide the large exposure it needs to outreach a large number of audience.

Rich Usability

From familiarity to ease-of-usage, usability plays a crucial role in a video sharing application’s success. By keeping it rich-feature and highly-usable, you provide its users with a high-class navigation and functionalities.

Interactive tools and light-weighted interface are two key components that enhance the usability of your video creationa and sharing application.

CMS Integration

Integration a rich-featured CMS will enable businesses to operate the video creation application easily. They cannot always ask the designers or developers to make small changes in the UI or even in the code of the application.

Businesses deploying third-party application might have their own team of techies but still, with a CMS, the job becomes hassle-free for developers, business persons and everyone associated with the process.

Push Notifications

Push notifications may sometimes be irritating for the app users, but seeing its business aspects, they are a powerful tool used for marketing purposes.

Including push notifications in your application allow you to strengthen the business-side advantage of it. However, it is considered a better practice to keep it toggle-based so you can switch it as per your needs.

Easy Video Sharing & Download

It is significantly important to enable easy and smooth publishing and downloading of the content. If your application takes a large amount of time downloading the content, users might not wait to look for alternatives.

Therefore, it is considered the best to keep your application’s downloading and content viewing experience speedy and light-weighted.


As also mentioned earlier in the blog post, such apps are used for both entertainment and business objectives. By providing monetization options in your application, you can get an efficient and productive business audience for your application.

This feature will not only get you more business but will also enhance its productivity as a whole.

Intuitive Support

Credibility comes from interaction. There is a large number app users that leave using an app just because their challenges or issues are not address timely or correctly.

It is not only a feature but a significant need for any aspiring video sharing and creation app company to provide its users an intuitive support anytime.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Creation and Sharing App?

Video creation and sharing app development cost depends upon a range of factors that are all elemental. From deciding the tech stack to efforts put by the businesses in maintaining and marketing the app, it requires some expenses. We cannot overlook either of these factors driving the cost to develop video creation & sharing apps.

The most mentioned factors that estimate the cost of developing video creation and sharing apps are as below.

  1. Technologies used (Includes UI/UX, backend, and Integration of APIs)
  2. Platforms the application being developed for i.e. iOS, Android, Windows or cross-platform.
  3. Geographical location of service provider
  4. Experience-level
  5. Feature requirements
  6. Deployment & distribution
  7. Marketing
  8. Maintenance

Any of all these factors can vary individually. Thus, it is not possible to tell you a constant pricing to develop any sort of application unless it is for your own project with a clear understanding of requirements and technologies. Even in that case, you should talk to a mobile app development company directly rather than just reading blogs exagerrating pricing estimating without any real-time analysis.

Wrapping Up

With a purpose of providing you with an easy and very specific knowledge of features and cost estimation before you go further developing a video creation and sharing for your business, I hope that you understood things well through this blog post. Moreover, I would recommend you to have a basic understanding of the process so you do not fall into technological & marketing jargons and get what you deserve truly- quality app development service.

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Brian Comel is an expert mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He has great knowledge and skills of latest app development trends and technologies. He also likes reading about the recent technologies and writing informative blogs and articles.

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