Disc harrow blades

Disc Harrow Blades

Disc blades, or disc harrow blades, are used to till the soil before planting crops. Or at the end of the term to chop up the unwanted remainders. The chief types of disc harrow blades are notched disc blades and plain disc blades, illustrious by the edge of the blade. Notched blades are finest used to chop through old crops and hard soil. While the smooth disc blades are great for soil that has been plowed and tilled formerly and does not enclose hard soil, limbs, branches, and other types of remains. Notched disc blades tend to wear out faster than smooth.

When you require reinstating your disc harrow blades, the enormous news is that Malik Argo Industries offers a broad choice, plus axle shafts and additional parts, to assist keep your fundamental agricultural machinery in action. We also endeavor to dispatch in-stock items the same day if probable. Because we identify that exasperating and infertile downtime is one thing that no one needs! We offer more than simply the blades. You can also basis nut locking plates, disc scrapers (both front and rear), an extensive assortment of disc mounting springs, spools, disc shaft locking keys, axle shafts, as well as either curved or concave spacers. If you don’t see precisely what you require, or wish to converse your detailed supplies, we’re always happy to answer any questions or offer gratis advice. Our extremely veteran and ever-obliging Malik Argo Industries squad can be reached through a phone call.

How To Measure Disc Harrow Blades

Disc blades vary in thickness, distance, and concavity. The concavity, or depth of the curve of the blade, helps in displacing and aerating the soil. You can measure the concavity by placing the blade on a flat facade with the cutting edges down. Then measure through the center hold from the flat exterior to the inside perimeter of the blade center. The diameter should be based on your harrow assembly or execute used to till and the width can assist with the weight and toughness of the blade. Diameters sold by Malik Argo Industries series from 12 inches to 36 inches.

14 Disc Harrow Blades

Our warehouse stocks over 150,000 disc blades of all sizes, from 14″ up to 42″ in diameter, in both notched disc blade design and flat disc blades. Our blades are an amalgamation of high carbon C1085 and Boron steel, so they can knob the greatest ground conditions. Boron steel offers an exceptional microstructure and hardness, competent of standing up against even the roughest wear. Boron steel combines toughness and litheness that will improve the life of the disc blade. We are occupied in offering a broad range of 14 Blades Discs Harrow to our appreciated patrons. Malik Agro Industries manufacture our blades by using an environmentally friendly process.

We present a large variety of blades with unreliable axle sizes. And can even custom cut blades to fit exclusive axle diameters and bolt patterns. We can particular order disk blades of up to 42″ in diameter. ER Tillage also carries John Deere Cone type blades, Case-IH crimped center blades, Savannah blades, and Maletti rotavator blades. We recommend rotavator and tiller blades to fit all makes of rotavators.

Sunflower Disc Blades

Intended for sturdiness and to convey a better appearance in the field, authentic Sunflower Blades offer farmers a well-known edge. Cutting through tough, hybrid crop remains and hard-packed soils, Sunflower vertical tillage tools lead the manufacturing in modernism and performance. But to keep these best-in-class tools operating at their finest and serving to arrange the ideal seedbed, be certain to use Genuine Sunflower disc Blades.

Plow Disc No Hole

Disc blades come in dissimilar shapes and sizes from Malik Argo Industries to handle dissimilar types of soil and diverse types of farm implements. Plain disc harrow blades offer vigilant control over soil tillage, with the size and concavity of the blades formative how much soil is being upturned. Notched disc blades give an insistent cutting action for soil diffusion and cutting through available vegetation. Match your farm disc blades to your farming needs, and we can assist. Get new disc harrow blades, plow disc no hole blades. And quit wasting time and diesel fuel trying to disc with worn-out blades. Replace notched disc blades earlier than they start looking like plain blades so that you are correctly tilling your soil for improved crop yield. 

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