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The world of social media is becoming gigantic with new applications marking its territory in this big world are inevitable and essential. Just like Clubhouse made its way in all of our lives in a short span. In the last few months, Clubhouse has taken everyone by surprise, emerging as one of the most cherished platforms for digital entrepreneurs.  

According to Statista, the number of users of the Clubhouse has increased, here is the report of Weekly users of the Clubhouse.

(Image Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1199871/number-of-clubhouse-users/)

Some of us might be reluctant to use the new platform at the stage where everything is competition and slowing down for learning another new app might be a downside for your business growth, but let me assure you Clubhouse will be your partner in crime once you start using it for business. 

Let’s explore how you can as business marketers leverage this latest application for your benefit.

With the plethora of apps in the market, getting doubts regarding the new application is quite understandable, that’s why we’re here to help you out with comprehending the application completely. 

So, let’s start with our exploration!

What Is a Clubhouse? 

The clubhouse is the newly launched social media networking app in the digital market in 2020. Clubhouse merges a live audio-chat and open conference calling conversations for users to participate and have access anytime during the session.

It is quite similar to a podcast, this invite-only app concedes long interviews, conferences, meetings, and dialogues on a single platform instead of using the various applications for these different tasks.  

However, the unique and exciting feature of this application is it serves elitist status by expecting an invite from a current member of the call, so only those who are required in the call are allowed. Virtual invitations are one of the aspects that’s essential to enter audio conferences. 

You won’t have access to the call until the present member lets you in the session. Every new user will receive two invites to start.  The clubhouse sort of lets you listen to the live conversation, legitimately. So, consider it as a social app for audio-chats.

The audio-only experience of this application feels related to a live and interactive podcast, and in this app, you can pick a virtual “room” to access, attend the conversation or you can give your opinions too sometimes.

Let’s see why it’s different from other applications for marketers.  

Why Clubhouse is Becoming a Popular Social Media App?

In the last decade, audio social media apps have been one of the talks of town topics, they are becoming a trend among users overshadowing visual platforms.

You might wonder why audio apps such as Clubhouse are overpowering applications where with small video you can attract more thousands of users.

Well, the reason for Audio social media apps to rise in the era of Instagram and TikTok is an application such as Clubhouse that provides users with a digital experience of hanging out with their friends as live and breaking down the barriers that come with visual media. 

These are the some reasons that justifies why Clubhouse is a better option:

  • With an audio conference, the pressure of looking presentable in front of your audience just vanishes, you need to be ready with your presentation and you are ready to rock the audio call.
  • The clubhouse is an interactive app, and it’s different from the podcast, no doubt podcasts have grown on people by 37.5% in the last few years, however, they’re usually pre-recorded, where you can’t respond in real-time. 
  • The clubhouse is live and doesn’t expect any podcasting software or editing to make it presentable and you can resolve any doubt of listeners at that time.

Here we have listed down 6 ways marketers could benefit their business with Clubhouse. 

Top 6 Ways Entrepreneurs Need to Use Clubhouses for Their Business.

First of all the Clubhouse is still very new, so you need to know it before using it and joining the application, you can’t just connect as a company similarly to Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

With Clubhouse you need to be a bit creative for your social media strategy.

New use cases directions virtually rear their commanders over the subsequent months as Clubhouse accomplishes its goal, so let’s see how it’s great for business.

1. Associate With Influencers

The clubhouse is associated with big-name influencers from the beginning.

The user base of Clubhouse influencer is still relatively small, you possess almost exceptional access to them. For instance, on Twitter, the following of Elon Musk is approximately 48.3 million, the number is bigger than than the entire user base of Clubhouse!

That means you can get associated with the big names, it doesn’t mean you can partner with Elon Musk but link up with an insignificantly less high-profile influencer or content producer to co-host conversations on topics that associate with your business or almost align with your preferences.

This is considered as one of the exceptional approaches for enterprises to use for expanding their business. 

2. Enterprises need to Network More Strategically

For Clubhouse one of the most crystal-cases is its networking.

Clubhouse gives you privacy with other users like real private members’ clubs. You can accept the invitation and listen to people converse, concede their stories, and communicate with them directly, conversationally and informally.

It means you can discover more regarding someone compared to going through their bio. 

Moreover, you can commence private chat rooms for short groups of people for the discussion with limited members. In this way, you can increase on larger conferences you’ve been included in and create further significant relationships.

These steps make networking on this platform appear a little more reasonable than just transferring a message request on the LinkedIn app, which might go unnoticed.

One of the Clubhouse members, Raoul Davis, quoted “He finds most users are happy to share their Instagram handles with people they meet on Clubhouse” also the response rate of reaching out to the marketers are approximately 70%.

These connections turn into adequate sales leads, extend useful business advice, and enhance important strategic associates.

3. Book a Room to Narrate the Business Story of Yours

One key aspect of the Clubhouse’s immediate success is that the voice-only interface is humanizing for the business associations. It eliminates all the disturbances, such as the background or the outfits we’re wearing.

The room might be full of billionaires but for you, it’s just another voice mitigating the nervousness from you, it’s like speaking in front of your mirror. 

Clubhouse explains, “The intonation, inflexion, and emotion conveyed through voice allow you to pick up on nuance and form uniquely human connections with others.”

Enterprises use this to their favour by sponsoring a room and telling their story in a way that develops belief and resonates with possible customers.

4. Build Brand Recognition By Word of Mouth

All of us know that how efficient word-of-mouth marketing is and that’s exactly, these following facts prove: 

  • Around 83% of customers take references from friends and family
  • Referral contacts convert 30% greater than leads created from other marketing ways and become a 16% higher endurance value
  • Consumer communications and references, both online and offline, serve 13% of user sales – similar to $6 trillion in year-long consumer spending
  • The clubhouse is suited to creating drones through word-of-mouth operations.

Former CEO and president of Cinnabon, Kat Cole used this approach to her success by entertaining weekly marketing consultation and support agreements during office hours, where she’d always ask the room if people had a craving for Cinnabon. If they answer “yes”, then she’d request their address and forward them some free Cinnabon.

As per the Clubhouse specialist Ed Nusbaum, this approach efficiently accommodated Cinnabon spread virally on Clubhouse, to the degree that every room he entered appeared to be discussing the cooked goods brand.

5. With Clubhouse Determine New Marketing Ideas

You will find a lot of people in the Clubhouse with some of the best creative ideas from leading businessmen to creative celebrities. Bilal Zuberi, a venture capitalist and partner at Lux Capital, figures he consumes half an hour a day on the Clubhouse app.

With enough conversations, you might sooner or later listen to something that cogs whizzing in your brain, and you’ll originate a new marketing idea you’d solely not have otherwise.

That idea you get from the application might not be that big but it can be creative and beneficial to your business, ideas such as topics for a blog article or guest post, or the fundamentals of a complete marketing campaign.

Also, there’s currently no alternative for documentation and bestowing Clubhouse conversations, you can be certain that no one else will beget the same idea.

6. Organize Your Virtual Conference

Now, we are aware of how precious attending conferences are for the business person. Those conversations let you grow your network, produce ideas, and market your product.

When you join the right room in the Clubhouse you start to feel like you’re at your own conference. After you’ve developed a following and name on the app, you need to put yourself in the middle of the community, providing you with a restricted audience to revisit your talks.

The clubhouse provides you with a lot of authority over how your “virtual conference” celebrates. Decide whether to initiate it up to everyone or retain it on an invite-only foundation. And you can decide whether to enable anyone to participate or just a preferred few speakers.

Wrap Up

Although with Clubhouse the options are limitless, and we’ve seen some ingenious examples. Such as Pandorabots – it’s a platform for the construction and extending of chatbots – expertly produced its conference in which famous futurist, lecturer, and author Cathy Hackl talked about its conversational chatbot, Kuki.

However, you don’t need to worry about big conference calls, you can be innovative. You use your “conference” to develop a new product, consult a company event, or describe your business goals.

Whatever you converse about, there’s an immeasurable speculation people will desire to attend, listen to your conference because Clubhouse appears brand-new and exciting.

However, social media apps don’t last long forever, there is always new technology emerging in the market, so take the benefit of the application while you can for your business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.