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Lenses and glasses are not the first choices for those having vision problems. If you want to correct your vision and avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery is an ideal option!

If you decide on LASIK eye surgery, be prepared for a few days of recovery after it in order to have excellent vision later. This should not scare you! Recovery is quick and easy, and what you get later is long-lasting. 

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about it. 

How does LASIK eye surgery work? 

All LASIK eye surgeries are considered laser surgeries. The emergence of laser eye surgery dates back to 1987. What is the difference between laser eye surgery and LASIK eye surgery? The main difference is that not every laser eye surgery is LASIK eye surgery, while on the other hand, every LASIK eye surgery is laser surgery.

During LASIK eye surgery laser is used to correct the targeted cells without damaging other areas.

If you are tired of glasses and lenses and want to solve your vision problem, do LASIK eye surgery. If you want surgery to be performed by a team of experts, do not hesitate to make an appointment at the best diamond vision lasik in New Jersey and solve your problem.

What should you expect from LASIK eye surgery?

From LASIK eye surgery you should expect excellent vision. Even though you probably won’t like it for the first few hours to 2 days after the surgery. However, if you understand the benefits that you are having later, you will not hesitate to do LASIK eye surgery.

After LASIK eye surgery, you will feel discomfort in your eyes, itching, or the feeling that something is in your eyes. Also, you may feel temporary pain. If you want to avoid that, consult your doctor about which painkillers to take. At first, your vision will be blurred, and your eyes will be watery. 

However, this should not scare you. The good thing is that recovery takes very little time. However, what is more important is that in 2-3 days after the surgery – your vision will be excellent! You will completely forget about lenses or glasses.

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery

There are several benefits of this surgery. Here are some of them:

  • you will get a perfect vision in one day and get rid of glasses and lenses
  •  your recovery from surgery will be very short
  • you will be able to see immediately after the operation, even if your vision is a little blurry
  • considering that this is laser surgery, you will be able to continue with your daily activities in the following days
  • very soon after surgery you will be able to start driving

How to get ready for LASIK eye surgery? 

For your LASIK eye surgery to be as successful as possible, it is important to prepare for it. Hopefully, the following few tips will make the preparation process easier for you.

  • you need to arrange your drive home after the surgery in advance, as you will not be able to drive immediately. Taking into account that your vision will be a little blurry, you must in advance arrange transportation to get home safely.
  • two days before surgery and on that day, you should not apply make-up on your eyes. Also, practice regular eyelash cleaning a few days before surgery to avoid infections.
  • do not wear contact lenses immediately before surgery. It is recommended – that you wear glasses instead of contact lenses for a few weeks before surgery.

What is the price of LASIK eye surgery? 

It is not possible to say the exact price for LASIK eye surgery since it varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors are the clinic where you decide to do the surgery, the experience and expertise of the doctor, eye prescription, etc.

Most insurances do not cover this type of surgery due to the fact that it is an optional procedure and not a necessary one.

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