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Pollution is one of the sole causes for people living in urban, developed, and industrialized areas to become chronically sick. Pollution borne diseases are diarrhea, cholera, jaundice, nausea, deafness, headache, skin diseases like itchiness, rashes, etc., which can result from air, noise, and water pollution. One needs to be very careful in cities and towns to be safe from chronic and harmful diseases. People have completely forgotten to save our natural resources, neglecting the very fact that these are perishable with widespread usage and either cannot be replenished or will take billions of years to be replenished.

Water A Basic Necessity

One of the significant needs of human existence is air and water, wherein machines and other human-made sources are exceedingly exploiting them both. We would be dealing with water pollution, its harmful effects, and how we can get access to fresh drinking water. The human body consists of water to 70%, which is to be maintained by drinking water daily. Water pollution means water contamination due to chemicals, odor, bacteria, sand, silt, and other harmful solid, liquid, or gaseous particles. For the removal of bacteria and other dangerous things from water, it is treated before delivering homes.

The Use Of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers have become a must-have for homes, offices, schools, colleges, railway stations, bus stops, religious places, etc., so that people can get access to potable drinking water. Municipalities established for city and town welfares’ supervision also have water treatment plants from where underground, pond or even river water is treated for safety before delivering them to homes. Water that comes to our homes through pipelines and runs through our taps are treated with filters for our consumption.

The Working Of A Water Purifier

Water which is treated from municipal corporation might still contain sediments, harmful microorganisms, foul smell resulting in a change in the taste of water drinking habits. Water purifiers help further and final water treatment for consumption purposes as they contain RO, UF, and UV technologies. These latest technologies clean and filter water intensively, removing every possible water element, making it fit for consumption purposes.

Let’s Briefly Understand What UV, UF, And RO Technologies Are

1.    UV – the water purifiers with UV technology consist of UV lamps inside them, which releases ultraviolet rays of light. This UV light penetrates the bodies of pathogens and other living microorganisms, affecting their DNA, which hinders their multiplication.

2.    UF – ultrafiltration method uses hydrostatic pressure, which forces water to flow against a semi-permeable membrane. This semi-permeable membrane is capable of destroying bacteria and removing odor from water.

3.    RO – reverse osmosis is the simplest of water purification methods which are fit in every water purifier. It is the reverse of osmosis, making water pass from a semi-permeable membrane, which hinders sediments, ions, microorganisms, etc., from water.

Eureka Forbes

Founded in 1982 and established in Mumbai, Eureka Forbes Ltd. is a company that produces consumer goods for people’s ease. Eureka Forbes provides multiple services for its customers worldwide, like security solutions, air purifiers, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, accessories, and health conditioners. They work with the primary aim to provide better living conditions for its customers all over India. They are the leading producers of water purifiers all over India with the latest advanced features like RO, UV, and UF technologies, its best range of water purifiers being the Aquaguard series.

Aquaguard  Customer Care

They are pretty well known for their exceptional services, including their customer care services provided to their customers after they purchase their company products. You do not have to worry about anything because selling is not their sole purpose; they also take care of you after the sale. You could always contact the Eureka Forbes customer care no. For further inquiry related to their company product that you have bought. Eureka Forbes is one of India’s leading consumer product companies and is also known for its user-friendly nature towards its customers.

For any problems, damage, or repair related issues, you could freely contact their customer care center for help. They have an excellently trained, skilled, and professional staff for customer services who can solve every problem related to their product. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard customer carecenter also provides door-to-door services to its customers. Thus you can search for the nearest Aquaguard service center. To find the nearest service center, you can search for the Aquaguard service center near me on your device. And while searching this, make sure that your device location is enabled.

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