reseller hosting tips

Choosing a reselling hosting service provider is a tricky task. Unless your reseller account is advertised in the company’s website, your users may not know you are a reseller. To attract them, send them a warm welcome and thank you message. Also, remind them about the services and terms and conditions of use of the reseller’s service. Provide them with useful content and support. You can also use a FAQ page.

Choosing a reseller hosting provider

While most reputable reseller web hosting providers will offer high-quality service, there are still some things you should be aware of before signing up with a reseller. Resellers may lack the support and infrastructure of their parent companies and may experience outages or lower uptime percentages. Before choosing a reseller, it’s important to read reviews and speak to hosting providers directly. The following tips will help you choose the best reseller web hosting provider.

Uptime is one of the most important considerations when selecting a reseller web hosting provider. Google will give your site a lower ranking if your website is down for more than a few minutes. The uptime of your website is also important – it’s very frustrating to open your website only to find out that it’s not online. As a reseller, you should ensure that your customers get excellent support. A reseller plan that offers 24/7 customer support will likely be cheaper than a similar plan from another provider.

Manageability. Having the ability to manage your client’s accounts should be easy. Reseller hosting providers should offer standard cPanel access to each client’s account. If you’re running your own hosting business, it’s important to select a reseller hosting provider that offers management tools, such as cPanel. This control panel will make your life easier as a reseller. At the same time, it will help you better serve your customers.

Choosing a reseller hosting system

When choosing a reseller hosting system like, you need to ensure that you have a lot of control over your client accounts. A good system will let you manage clients from a user-friendly interface, so that you can manage their needs with minimal effort. The most popular solution for reseller hosting is the cPanel & WHM software from cPanel Inc. These products let resellers manage their hosting plans and set up their servers’ security. Some reseller hosting systems will include a specific number of CPanel accounts for each client, which will give you the ability to manage each client’s account and create their own websites. Others, such as SiteGround, have proprietary interfaces, so you should check whether they will be compatible with your reseller hosting plans.

Another important feature of a reseller hosting system is the availability of 24/7 customer support. While many back-end processes are managed by the hosting provider, some problems cannot be resolved without a customer’s assistance. To minimize technical problems and downtime, look for a system that offers 24/7 support. It’s also essential to choose a system that provides multiple channels for contacting the support desk. For instance, a ringing phone line is almost always faster than writing an email.

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