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Are you thinking about signing up with EcoMarkets? Founded by OXILIAN DEV WORKS LTD, the forex and CFD broker is operating from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Even though it hasn’t been around for decades as some of the other platforms, its reputation is certainly better than some of the oldest ones that exist. Of course, this will catch your eye and you would want to open an account with them. However, you shouldn’t choose a broker based on its reputation alone. There are some other important details you need to know and going through this EcoMarkets review can help you discover them. 

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Is it possible to mitigate your trading risks? 

There is no doubt that online trading is very lucrative and profitable, but it is not without its risks. As a matter of fact, the losses can be just as high as the profits, so you would obviously want to mitigate them. You will come to know that EcoMarkets make this quite possible because it has given its clients room to diversify their portfolio. Diversification is the best strategy for risk management. What does it involve? 

Diversification means spreading out your capital across different markets and EcoMarkets lets you do so by giving you the opportunity to trade instruments from various markets in one place. You can choose instruments from the stock, forex, commodities, indices as well as cryptocurrency market. These can be traded via a single account, which makes it very easy to manage.

Can you trade with peace of mind? 

When you decide to trade in the financial markets, you want to focus on it fully and don’t want to be distracted due to worries about the safety of your funds or your personal information. This is another area where EcoMarkets appears to have been very thorough because they have added top-notch security measures to provide peace of mind. They have opted to keep all client deposits in segregated accounts, so there can be no discrepancies.

They have protected all data they accumulate through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, so no prying eyes can access it. Plus, you will find EcoMarkets compliant with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies and this can reduce the possibility of financial fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and identity theft. 

Is trading smooth? 

One of the most important things to know about a broker is whether they can offer you a smooth trading experience or not. This obviously depends on the trading platform they provide and EcoMarkets has opted to offer its clients a web trading platform that requires absolutely no downloading or installation anywhere. You access it with ease via the browser, which makes it very simple to use, as does the user-friendly interface. 

Most importantly, the use of cutting-edge technology by EcoMarkets delivers swift trade execution, so traders can take advantage of all price movements easily. As far as trading tools are concerned, you will find some of the best ones available, such as price alerts, trading signals, live charts, an economic calendar, risk management tools, fundamental and technical analysis tools, custom indicators and the latest financial markets news as well. A mobile trading app is also available for trading on the go. 

Do they offer a supportive environment? 

Another essential aspect of the broker that you need to know about is how supportive they are. You do not want opt for one that does not care about its clients’ needs and this is not what you will find at EcoMarkets. They are quite dedicated to their clients, which becomes evident from the various support channels they have added on their platform. You can contact their representatives 24/5 via email, phone or you can also schedule a callback as per your convenience. 

Closing Thoughts 

Once you are familiar with the major aspects of the broker, you can rest assured that EcoMarkets can offer you all that you need for your trading journey.

By Anurag Rathod

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