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Top 9 Crucial Tips for Choosing The Best Home Warranty Plan

Top 9 Crucial Tips for Choosing The Best Home Warranty Plan

As homeowners, we all are worried about the sudden breakdown or malfunctioning issues with the major home appliances and systems. When a crucial appliance or system in your home stops working, it wreaks havoc on your regular life and budget. When it comes to avoiding such a scenario, it’s always good to have a perfect home warranty or protection plan.

However, choosing a perfect home warranty plan is not as easy as selecting the first company that your find on Google search results. You should consider all the hidden costs, inclusions, exclusions that differentiate one provider from another. Now, you might be wondering to know about the things that you should consider, right? Well, this article tells you about the key things that you should take into account-

1. Upfront cost:

This is also known as the home warranty fee and when it comes to comparing different home warranty plans from different providers, the upfront cost or home warranty fee is the first thing that you should consider. Usually, a home warranty plan costs a few hundred dollars and you can also avail of additional coverage for paying some extra dollars. We are going to talk about it in the next point.

2. Additional coverage:

A standard home warranty plan doesn’t cover costly or large items like swimming pools, septic tanks, garage doors, roof leakage, etc. For such items, you need to purchase add-ons for an extra charge. Most home warranty companies offer add-on plans.

3. Service fee or deductible:

A deductible or service fee is the inevitable part of a home warranty company. When you claim for a service for your broken home appliance or system that is covered by your plan, you need to pay a small fee to the registered repairing technician and this particular amount is known as deductible or service fee. It usually ranges between $30 to $60 but you can negotiate the determine the deductible amount at the time of purchasing a plan.

4. Maintenance requirements:

Always remember one thing that a home warranty plan doesn’t provide coverage for items that have been not maintained properly. It’s always better to inspect all the home appliances and systems quarterly or half-yearly so that you can ensure the proper maintenance of those items and also know about the items that are likely to break down or start malfunctioning soon.

5. Impractical expectation:

Structural items like doors, windows, roofs are not covered by the home warranty plans. Furthermore, outdoor systems like in-ground irrigation systems are usually not covered by the home warranty plans. If you have additional systems or appliances like HVAC or refrigerator, you may need to purchase additional add-on coverage.

6. Customer reviews:

When it comes to evaluating a home warranty company, customer reviews plan a very crucial role as it helps you know how the company operates and if they are really worth the cost. It is always a wise decision to choose a home warranty company that boasts a considerable number of customer reviews and ratings.

7. Annual limits:

When choosing a home warranty plan, you should check your annual limit that can kick in when you have several repairs in a year. It’s specifically important when you know that any of your major home items is likely to break down soon.

8.. Check the fine print:

A lot of home warranty companies, these days, often attract new customers with splashy words and overcommitment. It’s only the fine print that tells you about the actual inclusions and exclusions.

9. Reporting process:

Before choosing a home warranty company, you should know how convenient it is to report a problem and how long you would need to wait for a scheduled service call. Always choose a company like ServicePlus Home Warranty plan that has always been well-appreciated for providing the most hassle-free reporting process.

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