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If you need a full-time rewriter, then you should consider hiring a remote freelancer. In the Internet Era, this has become a perfectly working version. Many small companies exist without offices at all, and their employees are scattered around the globe. At the same time, to manage such a business, there is absolutely no need for special control bodies for employees; it is quite effective to build business processes and select responsible people.

A rewriter wanted: what are the benefits of a remote freelancer

Needless to say that far from everyone is good at writing to be able to complete a great college essay, thesis or any other academic paper. However, there is a professional online rewriting service where a professional rewriter can rewrite your college assignment as easily as ABC. 

Hiring a remote rewriter has the following advantages:

  • He does not need a workplace as he works from home.
  • Such an employee does not have to be formalized. Consequently, there is no need to pay taxes, pension funds.
  • The salary will be one and a half to two times less than the salary of the author who comes to your office every day.
  • In case of sickness and maternity leave, you are not required to pay anything to such an employee.

In a nutshell: it costs less, saves budget and office space.

Where to find a rewriter for permanent work remotely?

The most obvious way is headhunting websites. There, hundreds of authors are looking for full-time jobs every day, and many of them will agree to a remote type of employment. Moreover, the image of a person working remotely, among the palm trees on the seashore, is now very advertised online.

You can also search for authors on social networks in groups specially created for this. In sections like “Looking for a job”, “Resume” there are always a lot of new messages that rewriters leave in search of an employer. This is convenient because you can immediately view the personal page of a potential employee. From it, you can understand whether this is an adequate person, and whether he will tell you about the attack of the reptilians, which prevented him from submitting the text on time.

Labor exchanges where you can find a permanent rewriter

There are two types of labor exchanges to search for: copywriting and freelance exchanges. On freelance exchanges, 99% of authors require prepayment directly to their wallets or cards. Thus, only the author’s reputation protects the customer from fraud. Needless to say, how many authors have already exchanged their hard-earned reputation for a couple of thousand dollars and forever got blacklisted?

In times of crisis, many are not up to their reputation, so it is safer to look for a future employee on copywriting exchanges. All websites of this kind have a built-in “safe deal” function, which protects the customer from fraud by the writer.

Why is it better to work with authors through labor exchanges?

Labor exchanges are specialized services for finding authors, formalizing cooperation and monitoring the timely execution of orders. The main advantages over other ways of working with rewriters:

  • You can see the author’s rating, reviews of past employers, statistics on previous orders (how many were delivered on time, how many were not accepted by customers due to poor quality).
  • You choose the writer on a tender basis. This means that everyone who wants to send their proposals to you for the order and try to make the offer more profitable than that of competitors.
  • The author will not receive royalties until you accept the submitted work. If you refuse to pay due to poor quality, then the money will be returned to your balance. But there can be complaints from writers lodged with an arbitration office against you on the website, and the moderator will decide your dispute.
  • Hundreds of thousands of rewriters from all over the world are registered on labor exchanges. There is no other place with such an extensive base of potential employees.
  • Traditionally, the labor exchanges have the lowest prices. Even TOP authors rarely ask for more than 3 $ per 1000 characters.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.