Top 5 accessories for DSLR cameras

Congratulations! So, you have finally purchased your first DSLR Camera. Wondering what accessories to buy with it? DSLR cameras are not designed for amateurs. Therefore, you cannot get high-quality shots without having an ample amount of knowledge of camera accessories. Just like professional gamers prefer laptops with backlit keyboards over regular ones. Similarly, DSLR shave replaced SLR cameras. 

In this article, we have compiled some of the best camera accessories that would help you be more creative and experimental on your next photography assignment. 

For starters, you need to invest in the following items:

  • Tripod kit
  • Lenses
  • Remote shutter
  • Filter
  • Memory card

Buyer’s guide 

Tripod Kit 

When it comes to choosing tripods for their cameras, professional  photographers prefer those that are more flexible and stable. As a photographer, you need to take shots from different angles. For this, we recommended picking tripods that are 360 degrees rotatable. A tripod head helps you hold your camera at different angles seamlessly. While shooting close-ups, opt for ball-shaped tripod heads. 


Lenses are an integral part of camera accessories. Ideally, you need to invest in some lenses for outdoor portraits. With these lenses, you can capture your background and foreground with equal clarity and precision. 

Remote Shutter 

If you feel you are unable to click pictures at the right moment and mostly end up getting blurred ones, then it is high time you invest in a remote shutter to avoid shakes and jerks while shooting with your DSLR. 


No photographer resists the temptation of owning filters for their camera. A camera is a prized possession of any photographer. Therefore, it is crucial to protect it from getting damaged. Fitting the exterior of your lens filters can help prevent scratches and smudges. Lens filters fall into two broad categories. You can either opt for round filters or square-shaped ones. With square filters, you would need to invest in adapter rings separately. With circular filters, you don’t need to invest in any other attachment. 

Memory Card 

A memory card is essential accessory for any camera. Therefore, try investing in a genuine SanDisk SD card and avoid using low-quality SD cards. Make sure to invest in a couple of SD cards, especially if you plan to do landscape and outdoor photography. Ideally, your SD card should have a minimum of 64 GB of storage space. 


How to select a professional camera for photography? 

DSLRs are known for accurate focusing. Ideally, it is recommended to invest in a professional camera that features a 20K autofocus module. 

Which camera good for beginners? 

Any camera that comes with a standard menu system can help beginners click pictures with ease. 


All in all, it can be said that a DSLR is the ideal investment for passionate photographers. If you buy the right accessories, then this purchase can last you a lifetime. Be it landscape or outdoor photography, wedding photography, or clicking a family portrait, beginners and advanced photographers can get better results by choosing the right accessories.