Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are a brand new, 21st-century safety step forward. Equipped with relaxed locking mechanisms, they offer superior security tactics that other doorways in reality can’t — chief of that’s you can’t pick an electronic lock and you couldn’t overlook to fasten a door that doesn’t want a key. Door Entry Systems London offers a brand new layer of protection against burglars and undesirable visitors. The tech behind the machine keeps your site secure from many access methods, even as also supplying answers to several other troubles.

How London has wide experience in supplying door entry safety for all of your commercial and home premises. We offer installation, renovation, and repairs of Door Entry Systems to the highest requirements. Our electricians are experienced and knowledgeable on this form of work and will make sure we meet all of your protection wishes. Using the modern-day security technology and with 24-hour renovation contracts to be had, you can relaxation confident that your construction or office is comfortable 24 hours an afternoon, three hundred and 365 days a year.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is certain on the equipment and workmanship of the mechanism installed, fix, or maintained by us. Our door entry systems and services are used by all and sundry from homeowners to private and public sectors. We present almost all the main manufacturer handsets and panels, as well as the most widespread custom made stainless steel panel (vandal-resistant) for your precise supplies.

 Our security services consist of:

  • Door Entry and Access Control
  • Intercom systems management
  • Paxton Access Control systems
  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency fire systems and fire alarms
  • Risk assessments

We offer the most user-friendly interface for visitors:

Our door entry systems provide the maximum person-friendly interface for visitors and end-users, making it smooth to learn how to use the machine for foremost safety. We may even personalize a system to fulfill your desires. For instance, we can provide greater handsets or extension handsets installed on a desk or table. We can also offer unique hooks for people with restrained mobility.

Old structures can without problems be customized to suit the evolving needs of our customers, and we offer an entire upgrade service for present structures, the usage of as much of the vintage machine as feasible to hold the cost down. Plus, instead of giving up on a device, we’ve got an inventory of out of date components and could continually try to repair your door access gadget, regardless of what circumstance its miles in.

Ready to improve your door? We can upload uprated locks to help you feel more secure and prevent harm to the system. We also provide a big range of locks and heavy-obligation door closers for additional reliability and protection. Integrate your present access management system, in addition to your automatic doorways, gates, turnstiles, and barriers with one among our new door access structures. We also manufacture custom security doorways and screens with a comprehensive variety of locks to meet your specific desires.

Commercial Door Entry System Technology:

Audio Door Entry System Installation

This door entry control system moves toward an audio door entry control system. This particular system enables visitors and the door control workforce to converse with one another before allowing access or exit. A remote system allows an automatic door to let go or the door can be physically opened to allow entries and exits to a building.

Video Door Entry System Installation

This system offers a parallel solution to the audio door entry system but also comes with video functionality. Additional safekeeping is included in this system since immediate video recordings enable visitors to be viewed through the sustaining equipment TV Aerial installation London.


  • You have a wedge of flats that require a door entry system in London to vigilant occupants when they have a visitor so they may consent to or reject access to the building.
  • You have a gigantic building with various tenants/companies with a communal way in, which requires a practical key fob door entry system or a commercial video Door Entry Systems London to notify the appropriate area that a visitor would like say-so to come in.
  • Your business or profitable building is very large or includes lots of segmented areas, e.g. a warehouse or engineering unit, and you would like to let remote access permissions at the facade doorway(s).

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